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  • Admissibles Platforms: Fixes 2016.1.300.0 and 2016.1.305.1 can be applied on an existing platform running a 2015 version or above. Patch 2016.1.300.2 can only be applied onto an existing platform which is already using/running EasyVista version 2016.1.300.0. Patch 2016.1.305.2 and 2016.1.305.4 can only be applied onto an existing platform which is already using/running EasyVista version 2016.1.305.1.
  • Be carefull: From Fix 2016.1.300.0, PHP version 5.4 is no longer compatible. The PHP version 5.5 is compatible but is no longer supported (see PHP Supported Version). Because of this, we advise you to go directly to PHP version 5.6.

Important Note

All the files provided in a fix are cumulative. This change log is provided only to give you information on changes and help you find out if a fix solves your issue. It is mandatory to apply all the changes when applying a fix.

Patch 2016.1.305.4 (2018-07-12)

[R180615_00001]: Fixed a bug on orders creation from the 'Logistics' menu to take into account the price discounted from the catalog.
[R180601_00001]: Fixed a bug on consumables inbound.
[R180503_00001]: Fixed a bug on the 'Questions / Responses' tab in order not to display HTML tags.

Patch 2016.1.305.2 (2018-05-02)

  • [R180419_00002]: Fixed a bug on the PATCH method of the REST API.
  • [R180420_00001]: Fixed a bug on REST call returning ticket references.
  • [R180410_00001]: Fixed a bug on the test functionality in purges in Italian.
  • [R180424_00001]: Fixed a bug to correctly display CMDB images with Flash.

Fix 2016.1.305.1 (2018-04-17)

  • [R141117_00002]: Fixed a bug on CSV exports using a view with a breaking point and empty values.
  • [R141204_00002]: Fixed a bug on 'Continual Improvement' graphics when records are sorted on a 'Date' type field.
  • [R150112_00001] / [R171020_00002]: Optimization of investment requests' creation to automatically fill in the 'Supplier' and 'Public price' fields when it is possible.
  • [R160223_00002]: Fixed a bug on emails sent to employees who do not have LANGUAGE_ID: the default language of the platform is now well taken into account.
  • [R160907_00004] / [R180323_00003]: Fixed a bug on the predictive search in forms: when we entered an exact reference, the corresponding record was not displayed.
  • [R170112_00001]: Fixed a bug when copying questions / answers via a SQL step: if an answer contained an apostrophe, the step did not work correctly.
  • [R170321_00001]: Fixed a bug on the indicators when they are in 'Gauge' mode with inverted colors.
  • [R170411_00003]: Fixed a bug on profile management and menus related to questionnaires.
  • [R170414_00001]: Optimized the printing of large Workflows requiring pagination.
  • [R170419_00001]: Fixed a bug on the 'Return to Stock' wizard and the default value that can be set in the 'Location' field.
  • [R170904_00003]: Fixed a bug on adding an option to a service catalog when the service catalog contains application perimeters.
  • [R170908_00003]: Fixed a bug on the 'Reorganize my Tabs' tool in the 'Design' module.
  • [R171016_00001]: Optimization on the group choice during a requalification if the Workflow contains conditional steps and / or internal queries.
  • [R171027_00001]: Fixed a bug on REST calls when a memo field contains more than 379 characters.
  • [R171108_00001]: Fixed a bug on disconnection of sessions after timeout.
  • [R171114_00001]: Fixed a redirection bug when a user is logged out due to a timeout and has not done any action.
  • [R171115_00003]: Fixed a bug on SD_REQUEST custom queries that also contains the CREATION_DATE_UT field of the AM_ACTION table.
  • [R171127_00001]: Fixed a bug on scheduled alerts using parent query 'Known Errors and Knowledge'.
  • [R171207_00003]: Fixed a bug on the 'Create Related Action': when we were on a filtering domain, locations were not correctly rendered.
  • [R171208_00002]: Fixed a bug on the Quickcall to allow to use a template when the constraints on the minimum number of characters required for the description and the resolution are not respected.
  • [R171220_00003]: Fixed a display bug on questionnaires when you want to condition the display of a question based on the result of another question with SQL content.
  • [R180102_00001]: Added the date of installation of Windows hotfixes in Discovery Inventories.
  • [R180108_00001]: Fixed a bug on REST calls using the 'internalqueries' method.
  • [R180110_00003]: Fixed a bug on the insertion of an answer in a Memo field: the answer was copied twice.
  • [R180115_00002]: Fixed a bug on the preview of a budget commitment via the 'New Order' wizard.
  • [R180118_00001] / [R180301_00002]: Fixed a bug on the Memo Editor to have options to format a list.
  • [R180125_00002] / [R180125_00003] / [R180222_00002]: Fixed a bug when exporting multiple objects with the same name from the generic 'Export' menu.
  • [R180130_00002]: Fixed a bug when creating service requests and when there is at least one material associated with a decimal price.
  • [R180131_00001]: Fixed a bug on REST calls in multi-line environments.
  • [R180201_00001]: Fixed a bug on REST Workflows steps when some parameters are empty.
  • [R180209_00001]: Fixed a display bug on the new CMDB graph when launched from the Quickcall.
  • [R180220_00001]: Fixed a bug on the 'Download' questions in the Quickcall when you access the questionnaire twice (first time via the 'Questionnaire' button and a second time via the transfer wizard).
  • [R180226_00001]: Fixed a bug on the Full-Text search from an action form when the target knowledge has an application perimeter.
  • [R180228_00001]: Fixed a bug on the alignment of options in Radio Button questions.
  • [R180308_00001]: Optimization of the 'New Investment' wizard for mass entries.
  • [R180314_00001]: Fixed a display bug when adding a software to follow.
  • [R180323_00001]: Fixed a bug when using the 'max_rows' parameter in REST calls.
  • [R180323_00002]: Fixed a bug on the LAST_UPDATE format field in the REST API.
  • [R180403_00001]: Fixed a bug on the Quickcall to correctly refresh Memo fields.
  • [R180403_00002]: Fixed a bug when adding external field in the 'Install / Move' wizard.

Patch 2016.1.300.2 (2018-03-14)

  • [R180131_00001]: Fixed a bug on REST WebService calls when the Service Manager platform is installed in multilines.
  • [R180212_00001]: Fixed a bug when accessing different records referring to the same block.

Fix 2016.1.300.0 (2017-12-08)

  • [R161121_00004]: Fixed a bug on graphic representations to correctly display all sections and legends.
  • [R161219_00002]: Fixed a bug on equipment filtering 'In Stock' in the corresponding tab of the equipment catalog.
  • [R170130_00002]: Fixed a bug to show absences on plannings.
  • [R170519_00001]: Modification of the 'New Investment Request' wizard in order to optimize ergonomics when entering orders.
  • [R170607_00004]: Fixed a bug when adding a table to a parent query from a form using Google Chrome.
  • [R170627_00002]: Fixed a bug on LDAP authentication to differentiate errors between a wrong password entry and 'nonexistent account'.
  • [R170804_00002]: Fixed a bug on REST calls that list tickets to be able to enable sorting on the 'Last Update' field.
  • [R170901_00001]: Fixed a bug on questionnaires when a 'File Upload' question is called multiple times in the same Workflow.
  • [R170901_00002]: Fixed a bug on the quickcall: it was possible to access the problem's catalog and the project's catalog from the predictive search.
  • [R170907_00001]: Fixed a bug on the 'New Service Request' wizard that no longer offered the choice of financial validator in certain cases.
  • [R170915_00001]: Fixed some labels in Portuguese.
  • [R170918_00002]: Fixed a bug when sending mail through the 'Create Related Action' wizard: the email was sent to archived employees if there was any.
  • [R170926_00001]: Fixed a bug when exporting Mails Components.
  • [R170926_00002]: Fixed a bug on the 'Create Unavailability' wizard when the concerned Configuration Item has relationships with other Configuration Items that form a loop.
  • [R170928_00001]: Changed the 'Assign Services' wizard to make it available from a problem action form.
  • [R170928_00002]: Fixed a display bug on plannings for English users: '12 am' was displayed twice.
  • [R170929_00001]: Fixed some Italian labels in the memo editor.
  • [R171010_00001]: Fixed a bug on document uploads via WebServices.
  • [R171013_00001]: Fixed a bug on views when setting graphical alerts on the 'Priority' field.
  • [R171017_00002]: Fixed a bug on the error message displayed when there is a crash in a questionnaire.
  • [R171113_00002]: Fixed a bug when deleting a document that was automatically shared between multiple linked requests.
  • [R171114_00002]: Fixed a bug on the categories displayed in the quickcall when the current domain filters them: sorting is now done on full names.
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