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Cobalt 1.2 - Fix 2.9.4 F20200724

Bug fixes


  • [R2007_026]: Publishing : Impossible to see lock list
  • [R2007_027]: List of conditions is not scrollable
  • [R2007_028]: Resizing issue for pictures in Studio 
  • [R2004_049]: Date value issue with local=en_AU
  • [R2007_030]: Performance issue in Studio for a project containing a lot of resources (publication , delete,….)
  • [R2007_031]: The Studio doesn’t manage some domains ( cookie)
  • [R2006_021]: Alias not usable after publishing
  • [R2007_037]: Library issue (wrong message "duplicate name" )


  • [R2007_022]: Instability linked to big projects
  • [R2007_032]: EVSH : Support of SSO in Iframe via popup
  • [R2007_033]: SSO Saml doesn’t work with Azure AD B2C
  • [R2007_034]: endless loop issue
  • [R2007_007]: Accentuation issue with SH search provider 
  • [R2007_035]: Boolean and dates are not localized after Excel extraction with Analytics
  • [R2007_036]: Memory issue with Analytics
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