ev|Service Manager - 2014 - Change Log

Important Note

All the files provided in a fix are cumulative. This change log is provided only to give you information on changes and help you find out if a fix solves your issue. It is mandatory to apply all the changes when applying a fix.

This particular Fix may only be applied onto an existing platform which is already using/running EasyVista version 2013.1.0.106 RC or above.
The 2014.1.248.3 patch may only be applied onto an existing platform which is already using/running EasyVista version 2014.1.248.1.

Patch 2014.1.248.3 (2016-01-05)

  • [R150715_00002]: PHP WebService interface functions have been updated
  • [R141128_00003]: Solved Issue - Front Office's KB: downloaded documents were empty

Build 2014.1.248.1 (2014-10-14)

  • [R141107_00002]: Solved issue - Some list fields were incorrectly set to readonly
  • [R141013_00004]: The spellchecker functionality was added to TinyMCE (Firefox)
  • [R140902_00001]: Solved issue – The update AM_EMPLOYEE query was modified to avoid performance issues in the “Named Access” wizard.
  • [R140910_00002]: Solved issue – Deactivation of the “Enforce a Constraint on Passwords” option in the “Definition of Password Policies” wizard now works properly.
  • [R141007_00001]: New – It is now impossible to configure a combo with a query exceeding 1000 characters.
  • [R141007_00002]: Solved issue – The profiles’ list in the “Visible” box is now correct when editing a previously configured conditional Form Presentation.
  • [R141006_00003]: Solved issue – Overloading the query of a list field was not taken into account if the field didn’t have a default value set.
  • [R140729_00001]: Solved issue – Specific tags, like <br>, are now properly handled in scheduled alerts.
  • [R140214_00003]: New – The SCHEDULER_QUERYTIMEOUT parameter was added to A_PARAMETERS to allow setting the queries timeout for scheduled reports, which was previously set to 5 minutes internally.
  • [R130520_00001]: New – The “Reopen and requalify” wizard is now available on the Problem detailed form.
  • [R131104_00008]: Solved issue – The date picker positioning no longer shifts down when clicked on a questionnaire with several dates.
  • [R130305_00003]: Solved issue – Colors are no longer reversed on gauge representation of trends.
  • [R140528_00003 + R140528_00005]: Solved issue – Conditional questions are now displayed in tags and Incidents/Service Requests/Requests for Change tabs only if they were visible when the questionnaire was filled.
  • [R140718_00001]: Solved issue – Dashboard results are now updated if the associated filter is modified by the user Deletion of all W_QUERIES related to a Filter, View or Query upon update.
  • [R140516_00001]: Solved issue – The attachment is now properly displayed in a popup.
  • [R140617_00001]: New – The next computation date of a scheduled alert is no longer set by default and is now optional.
  • [R140228_00001]: Solved issue – When a profile covers both the “Self Service” and “Operation” modules, then if an incident generated from “HOME” is duplicated, the second incident is opened under the same module (not BO as the previous behavior).
  • [R140909_00001]: Solved issue – Integration now executes correctly under Chrome (version 37 and above).
  • [R140730_00003]: Solved issue – Reporting on timesheets is now correct for USA platforms. Date fields were duplicated without the _UT extension in the views (V_PM_PROJECT_SIMPLE, V_PM_TASK and V_PM_JALON) to avoid the UT time conversion on these dates which don’t store the time. The best practice is to use the V_PM_TASK.CREATION_DATE field instead of AM_ACTION.CREATION_DATE_UT for reports on project tasks.
  • [R140410_00004]: Solved issue – A line feed is now added to separate comments from different actions on the request’s description.
  • [R140918_00002]: New – Optimization of tooltips: when the content is too big (>100KB) the hint is not displayed on the grid, the user has to open the detailed form to see it entirely.
  • [R131024_00001]: New – A parameter is added to take into consideration the “CI required” option of the Incident catalog on the Self Service Quick call. A new entry was added to the “Other parameters” list: {SM} Quick call: Extend back office input constraints to the Self-Service incident creation screen.
  • [R131029_00003 + R130829_00007]: Solved issue – The useless checkbox is no longer displayed next to the “Expand all” option on the equipment’s form in Discovery.
  • [R131104_00005]: New – The Known Errors counter is added on all forms where the link is present provided that the “Parent key” is set to SD_REQUEST.REQUEST_ID and the “Display Trend” option is set to TRUE.
  • [R140918_00003]: Obsolete fields were removed from the properties inspector of the “Print Reports” button.
  • [R140527_00001]: New – The predictive search works properly now on a multiple-fields combo.
  • [R121122_00001 + R130716_00001]: Solved issue – The date picker is now working on scheduled dates fields of the project’s task details form.
  • [R130924_00001]: Solved issue – The total amount is now recomputed when a quantity is changed in the PR – Finalize multicaddy.
  • [R140314_00004 + R140522_00003]: Solved issue – When the user has landed on a detailed form after an advanced global search, hitting “Back” now takes him to the grid, and the “Active” checkbox is not hidden.
  • [R140904_00001][AST]: Solved issue – The Korean charset KS_C_5601-1987 is now converted to UTF-8, which allows a correct display of Korean characters in emails sent to the Technical Support Agent.
  • [R140612_00002]: Solved issue – When the parameter {SM} Select equipment from the Quick Call Form is set to TRUE, options like “Equipment for this Recipient Only” on the equipment lookup list are now functional.
  • [R140801_00001]: GANTT – The expected end date is now left unchanged when the task is completed (100%).
  • [R140520_00001]: Solved issue – Double quotes are now properly handled when the Fulltext search is activated.
  • [R130923_00002]: Solved issue – The progress (%) of a parent task is now correctly computed on GANTT Diagrams.
  • [R140821_00002]: Solved issue – It is now possible to add an updatable tree field from a table (say, SD_REQUEST.SD_CATALOG_ID) on a detailed form based on another table (say, AM_ACTION).
  • [R140813_00001]: Solved issue – CSV compression is functional again.
  • [R140724_00002 + R140730_00002]: Issue solved – The tool now handles some discrepancies in the catalog, like when a “By Default” option is checked along with the “Cannot be Requested” option.
  • [R131022_00001 + R140602_00001 + R140624_00003]: Solved issue – Deleting one keyword on a Known error no longer deletes all other keywords.
  • [R140610_00003]: Solved issue – The tooltip on long labels (complete path on locations, for example) is displayed again.
  • [R140130_00004]: Solved issue – Questionnaire: a condition based on a radio button now functions properly under IE8.
  • [R140626_00002]: Solved issue – The SLA is recomputed if the category is changed, regardless of the browser.
  • [R140521_00001]: Solved issue – Groups with accented characters in their names are now correctly handled in schedules alerts.
  • [R131105_00003]: Solved issue – In questionnaires, the @ID@ tag is now properly handled for service requests generated in Front Office.
  • [R140627_00003]: New – Images’ height limited to 240px in hints.
  • [R140627_00004]: Solved issue – The @ID@ tag is now correctly interpreted when overloading the query for a combo for a standard field in a wizard.
  • [R140217_00004]: Solved issue – Style sheets are now properly applied on all modules.
  • [R140626_00001]: The tooltip of the delete document icon is now translated.
  • [R140303_00002]: Solved issue – Discussions are now displayed independently from the access rights to the Administration module.
  • [R140221_00001]: Solved issue – Time conversion of the Scheduled Start and Scheduled End dates on the New Request form.
  • [R140404_00002]: Solved issue – Auto-completion in query lists questions with specific tags like @REQUEST_DETAIL_ID@ + handling multiple fields queries where table names are not added as prefix or where aliases are used.
  • [R140515_00003]: Solved issue – The mandatory property is now correctly handled for “SQL Query” fields added to wizards.
  • [R140527_00002]: Solved issue – The {logout + connected user+ domain} section is now displayed with a white (instead of transparent) background.
  • [R140619_00001]: Solved issue – Wrong “access denied” message encountered under IE when hitting the “change record count” icon on query lists.
  • [R130118_00002]: Solved issue – The user is not disconnected anymore after clicking a hyperlink in news from the scrolling banner.
  • [R140821_00003]: Solved issue – The “Parent Task” and “Next Compute” columns are now correctly populated on the Scheduled Tasks grid.
  • [R140516_00002]: If you have display issues while entering an incident’s description in a quickcall using Chrome on iOS, switch to the latest versions of Chrome and iOS.
  • [R140603_00003]: Solved issue – smoServer / ezvServer / CPU / 100% .
  • [R140409_00001]: Solved issue – The account field is no longer displayed on the authentication page after a timeout disconnection.
  • [R140621_00001]: Solved issue – In is now possible to use the “Start Date” field in the filter of a scheduled alert based on the “Integration log” query.
  • [R110119_00002 + R130703_00002]: New – The IP Address was added to the “Inventory Anomalies” list for better readability: In case of equipment with 2 network cards, this info will prevent the user from mistakenly assuming it is a duplicate.
  • [R130704_00001]: Solved issue – Incidents, Change Requests and Events related to a CI are now visible on corresponding tags of the asset form (in previous versions they were only displayed on the CI form).
  • [R130710_00001]: New – The “View Order” button was added on the “New Order” wizard to allow direct access to the new order form.
  • [R130624_00001]: New – The “CMDB Configuration Item Changes” is now available as a parent query.
  • [R131009_00005]: Solved issue – Duplication in the aliases names on the Front Office validation form was corrected.
  • [R130718_00001]: Solved issue – A validation was implemented on the FO Close wizard: if no action is checked on the list of actions that will be completed, then it won’t be possible to launch the “Notify Support Person” action.
  • [R130701_00001]: Solved issue – Using the “Archive CI” wizard on a CI that was edited from the My History section or from a CMDB report doesn’t generate an error anymore.
  • [R131003_00003]: Solved issue – The “CI Status” was added to the “Archive CI” wizard, and the “Display Equipment” was added on its last page to allow a direct access to the equipment when it needs to be discarded.
  • [R110915_00001]: Solved issue – When a new change request is created from a CI’s form, in the case of a related questionnaire, the latter is opened before the workflow is launched.
  • [R140318_00002]: Solved issue – In case of a Service Request’s requalification as Incident followed by a Transfer, the right wizard is launched and the workflow position is taken into consideration.
  • [R130620_00002]: Solved issue – The missing space was added before the support member’s name in the “WF – Finish” wizard (This Action is already assigned toName...).
  • [R130726_00006]: Solved issue – “New Employee” wizard: the Email input field’s size was changed from 50 to 100 characters.
  • [R130612_00003]: Solved issue – The value of a “Self Service Approval with Authentication” action is now displayed in the history of actions grid.
  • [R130606_00006]: Solved issue – Equipment added to a Service Request are now visible under the “Services” tab of the equipment form.
  • [R130916_00014]: Solved issue – Operation service requests are now included in the “MY DEPARTMENT/Manage Service Requests” list (in previous versions, only the Transition requests were listed).
  • [R120118_00002]: Solved issue – “Input errors” incidents are excluded from the list of incidents in the “Link to a Parent Incident” wizard.
  • [R140703_00002]: Solved issue – Line feeds were added to the email sent at the end of the Delivery Reception wizard.
  • [R140624_00008]: Solved issue – Line feeds were added between actions in the email sent at the end of the “Assign actions” wizard.
  • [R130708_00001]: Solved issue – The “Reason for Change” value set in the “Urgency Change” wizard is now displayed in the generated email.
  • [R140804_00001]: New – In the “New Project” wizard, the list for selecting a project type is now presented as a tree structure (like the Incidents catalog).
  • [R140804_00002]: Solved issue – Lookup list on groups: sorting by email doesn’t generate an error anymore!
  • [R140324_00003]: Solved issue – The asset tag is not lost anymore on a new service request including more than one service where the asset tag is required.
  • [R140611_00001]: Solved issue – The department table is correctly reorganized after integration based on the “Departments (based on the Code as Tree View)” connector in the case of multiple-level (tree) codes of already existing departments. The label is now mandatory.
  • [R140701_00001]: Solved issue – The Edit button of the “MY FAVORITES” section functions properly under IE8.
  • [R140603_00004]: Other parameters: precisions were added to the comment of the those related to the dashboards refresh frequency.
  • [R131203_00002]: Wording correction – The parameter “{SM} Do not inherit the related Known Error's  Description” was renamed to “{SM} Do not inherit the related Known Error's Category”.

Build 2014.1.175.0 (2014-06-18)

  • [R140320_00005]: Issue solved – It is now possible to use <CR> (return) in questions of type Comment
  • [R140220_00003]: Issue solved – Login error messages are now correctly displayed on the Index_prod.html / Index_sandbox.html /pages
  • [R130726_00003]: New – A condition is added to the role selection in standard workflows, to prevent users from selecting custom roles where they shouldn’t 
  • [R130829_00004]: New – A parameter was added (in Other Parameters) to disable HTML tags in memos. This is to be used in situations where customers want to have additional security against html scripting exploits beyond the standard HTML controls in place within EasyVista. 
  • [R131011_00002]: Issue solved – KB article now correctly copied in ticket when using the « Use for solution » button.
  • [R130423_00001]: Issue solved – Domain filter conditions were not properly added on queries with only OR conditions an no ()
  • [R140606_00001]: Issue solved – "???" characters in non Latin-1 languages (like Russian or Chinese) after an upgrade [if your platform was affected, kindly contact your local support team who will help you through the data recovery process]
  • [R140220_00002]: Issue solved – Removed a "Duplicate key" error message that occurred during a search using the global search 
  • [R140528_00001]: Issue solved – Wizards list was sometimes not properly populated when navigating from a menu with a "List" default view to one with a grouping view
  • [R140604_00002]: New – An icon was added (next to the Network Identifier) to allow displaying the CMDB graph directly from CI forms
  • [R140602_00003]: Issue solved – Removed an error message upon launching the "Update of Index Catalog" wizard (in Administration>Parameters/Indexing Documents)
  • [R140326_00001]: Issue solved –Grid of a view with a break by date now displayed correctly when printing
  • [R140410_00001] : New – Implementation of optimizations in the Quick Call – Subject search when a large number of application perimeter were used
  • [R131024_00003] : Issue solved – Predictive search in the case of Self-service incidents (the subject by default was the only one returned)
  • [R140425_00001] : Issue solved – Questionnaires : Empty default value of a Comment or Memo question replaced with []
  • [R140304_00002] : Issue solved – Error when the same reference (of a tree structure) is used more than once on the same form (like the location used for the requesting person and added for the asset on the Quick Call)
  • [R140303_00006] : Issue solved – « Late » and « Unassigned » counters badly displayed when the notification bar is hidden, then displayed again after navigation
  • [R140122_00001] : Issue solved – Incident history was not displayed correctly if the description contained Backslash characters (\) 
  • [R131209_00008] : Issue solved – An update of the date on a Date/Time picker is not effective unless the time is set as well
  • [R140506_00001] : Issue solved – When adding a field with the URL type, the "http://" was added systematically to the URL fields without checking that the prefix was already present. It is now added only if it’s not already there. 
  • [R140505_00002] : New – Now the priority can be displayed on the Quick Call form
  • [R130916_00002] : New – The button to solve a Self-Service incident through the KB was removed
  • [R140513_00003] : Issue solved – RPC-literal binding in WSDL now correctly supported
  • [R140513_00001] : Issue solved – "List index out of bounds" error in some scheduled reports
  • [R140512_00002] : Issue solved – Slowness in PROJECT reporting
  • [R140505_00001] : Issue solved – Error upon trying to add a News Article from the "Operation>Problems & Known Errors>News Articles" menu
  • [R140123_00003] : Issue solved – "Click here" link absent in emails to groups
  • [R140402_00001] : Issue solved – Notification bar counters sometimes disappearing (due to an error in case of concurrent access to the dictionary)
  • [R120726_00001] : Issue solved – gif images not displayed on the "My History" menu
  • [R140411_00003] : New – all logins and logins attempts can now be logged. The new log type is [ltAuthentication], the corresponding output file’s name is like smoServerAppAuthentication_nnnn
  • [R140331_00001] : Issue solved – Error in the "Collision Detection" wizard when the volume of change requests related to the same CI was too important
  • [R140414_00003] : Issue solved – Updates lost in the Global Search Studio when several definitions using table aliases are modified
  • [R140414_00001] : Issue solved – error when launching a Full Text Search with long strings (more than 10 characters)
  • [R140520_00002]: Issue solved – Removed a requirement to do a manual synchronization to activate the chat feature. This synchronization is now automatic.  
  • [R140523_00002] : Issue solved – Bad query when an item is deleted from the Shopping Cart [R140512_00001] : Issue solved – The Meta Status « Processing in progress » was incorrectly changed to Draft in 2014.1.136. It is back to its old wording
  • [R140513_00002] : Issue solved – Wording of the "Drafts" menu translated in all languages (was correct in French and English only)
  • [R140424_00005] : Issue solved – Solved a potential error message in the "Manage Questions" wizard 
  • [R140515_00001] : Issue solved – It is now possible to sort the integration log by date  
  • [R130719_00002] : Issue solved –Disconnection upon finalizing a multi-caddy request by a user with a mono-module profile
  • [R131010_00003]: Issue solved – "Update Details" field duplicated on the "Update Incident Record" wizard, when the initial description of the incident was empty.

Build 2014.1.136.0 (2014-04-09)

Note on vocabulary

There have been several requests by customers to enhance some of the vocabulary used in EasyVista to simplify the understanding of the GUI by new users. These have been implemented for English in EasyVista Service Manager 2014 version 2014.1.136. The changes are:

  • On Incidents:
    • "Topic" has been changed to "Category"
    • "Documents" has been replaced by "Attachments"
  • On the Quick Call:
    • "Transfer" has been changed to "Assign"
    • "Solution" has been changed to "Resolve"
    • "Processing Call" has been changed to "Save as Draft"
  • On Equipment:
    • "Category" has been changed to "Type"
    • "Brand Name" has been changed to "Manufacturer"
    • "Installation type" has been changed to "Standard Build"

How does this impact to you?

These changes will only show up on your configuration if you did not change the vocabulary. For example, if you changed the word "Topic" to something else, it will not be changed to "Category" in the screens where the changes have been implemented. 

Other changes

  • [R140326_00013]: Removed a potential error message on login "Fatal error: Call to undefined function addVarToURLWithoutSession() "
  • [R140320_00004]: Solved an issue where when adding a field to a wizard and setting that field up as a drop down list, the content stored in the field was not correctly updated
  • [R140318_00003]: Web services launched through a business rules sometimes returned -1 even if the web service was successful
  • [R140319_00001]: DB_FIELD tags used in an email step of a workflow and business rule were not interpreted if they were based on the AM_DOCUMENT and AM_EMPLOYEE table
  • [R140303_00004]: Some graph types were not displayed correctly in the reporting engine (Donut, 3D Donut, Curve and Pyramid)
  • [R140318_00001]: The KPIs displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen are now displayed faster and displayed before they are calculated
  • [R140313_00004]: Performance optimization. Longpolling optimization. When several longpolling queries are started at the same time, they do not block each other anymore
  • [R140314_00001]: Performance optimization. The number of calls to the common.php file has been significantly reduced
  • [R140313_00003]: Dashboards were not accurately calculated when a user has no domain
  • [R140227_00005]: Mails sent on a custom role based on an available field containing the email address were not sent properly
  • [R140211_00001]: Solved an issue where the page would not display any data when clicking on a KPI on the dashboard
  • [R140225_00002]: When email addresses were separated by a « , » instead of a « ; » the email were not sent correctly
  • [R140303_00001]: Removed a webservice error "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (String)" that appeared in the log file
  • [R140228_00004]: Arrows in the menu were sometimes superposing when the number of menus to display was too important
  • [R131104_00012]: Optimization in predictive search when using the KeyPad (arrows on a keyboard)
  • [R130904_00002/R130904_00002]: When removing access to a report that has no View, if that report was in the favorites, it generated an error message that is now correctly displayed
  • [R130916_00015]: Suspend Request" and "Restart Request" were returning a password error even if the password was correct
  • [R131230_00006]: In popups, it is now possible to use return key to select an item and close the window
  • [R131118_00006]: Predictive search on quick call now correctly filters on Incidents/changes based on the modules used in the current profile
  • [R140114_00005]: Duplicating a record on quick call now functions on draft creation
  • [R131119_00004]: Transfer and resolution wizards not take application perimeter in account for category selection
  • [R131004_00001]: When using preview on a dashboard on a list with more than 10 columns, the columns were not aligned
  • [R140213_00001]: Technical support agent was crashing when managing a file attachment to an email that had multiple encoding
  • [R131213_00003]: The mandatory fields that appeared in yellow when not completed upon saving were on rare occasions not the correct ones
  • [R140114_00008]: When removing an answer to a question on which a condition to display other question were based using the red cross, the display of the questionnaire was not correct
  • [R131128_00005]: Use of HTML tags in error labels preg_match
  • [R140210_00001]: Creating an absence generated an error if languages L1 to L6 were active
  • [R140127_00001]: The smoAddTime function now returns a rounded figure
  • [R131219_00006]: When creating a List question in a questionnaire, the possible results of that question were not copied into the other languages and identified with brackets
  • [R140206_00001]: Excel separator parameter of a user was not taken into account when sending a scheduled report to that user
  • [R140110_00001]: Added a new parameter define "ERROR_REPORTING_LEVEL" that defines if all errors are reported or not
  • [R140218_00001]: Solved an infinite loop issue when the application server was restarted while a user was connected to EasyVista and hitting F5 to refresh the page
  • [R131216_00001]: SQL questions were not displayed correctly in questionnaires
  • [R131104_00007]: Duplicating an incident via the quick call when the parameter pre populating the requestor was active was generating an error
  • [R131212_00001]: A comment question is stored only once even if it is displayed several times on a questionnaire
  • [R140123_00002]: Removed a PHP warning preventing display of a result when using the auto complete feature on a list of groups
  • [R131231_00002]: Self-service validations can only be conducted by either the requestor or the recipient of an incident
  • [R140122_00002]: A scheduled alert inactivated in the production environment could deactivate that same alert in the sandbox and vice versa
  • [R131104_00003]: Application perimeter on catalogs now taken into account in auto complete
  • [R140121_00001]: Error message when full text search inactive is now more explicit
  • [R131104_00004]: Issue with the root level Grouped requests when this root is also in a domain
  • [R130916_00004]: Solved an issue when switching between two reports from the favorites links 
  • [R131021_00006]: Solved an issue when displaying « \ » character in memos
  • [R140115_00002]: A temporization has been added between EasyVista server and application server. This generated unnecessary errors in the error log
  • [R140110_00002/R131230_00007]: solved an issue with controls on times recorded on the change request form
  • [R131010_00005]: Default incident subject inherited from CI was not correctly inherited on the Quick Call
  • [R120829_00005]: On scheduled alerts, when using the parent query Action Operation and system roles, the scheduled alert was not executed correctly
  • [R120621_00001]: Solved an issue on moving back on self-service / New service request
  • [R131209_00005]: Solved a paging issue on new service request in self-service portal when creating a service request
  • [R131217_00002]: MobileHD_index.php was not interpreting correctly customized list values
  • [R131219_00008]: When the admin reduces the max number of lines displayed in lists, this max also applies to users who already raised the number of lines
  • [R131216_00002]:Solved an issue with passwords containing « ‘ » character if passwords are not encrypted in the employee table
  • [R130116_00004]: An email alert sent to a group with no email address was not sent correctly to all the members of said group
  • [R130318_00001]: Solved an issue where activating the history of movement on the IMPACT_ID Field, the self-service caddy was blocked
  • [R131118_00004]: Impact and urgency were not correctly refreshed when changing the incident category on self-service "New incident" menu. This issue appeared only if the incident category was added to the screen via customization
  • [R131210_00001]: When using a List question in a questionnaire and the selected value in the list contained a « ‘ » character, the self-service shopping cart returned an error message
  • [R131120_00002]: Removed an error message when using a group in the CC field of an email step in a workflow
  • [R131118_00001]: When sending via email a report generated by the report designer, there was an error message when the report name included characters such as "ç" "ã", "õ"
  • [R131128_00004]: Solved an issue with queries that were returning results with SQL server 2008 R2 and not with SQL Server 2012 in a SQL Step in a workflow
  • [R131127_00005]: Solved an issue on form saving a tree field that was in read only
  • [R131125_00003]: Removed the new combo box system on Internet Explorer 7 due to compatibility issues
  • [R131120_00001]: When two successive workflow steps were initializing a variable, only the first was correctly stored
  • [R130731_00003]: Performance enhancements on project management when displaying projects in a list
  • [R130909_00003]: When changing a rule in history of movement on question results, the changes were not displayed in the history of movement
  • [R130822_00001]: Removed the trigger TR_PROCESS_SD_REQUEST from standard installations
  • [R130801_00002]: When purging SD_REQUEST, the delete cascade on SD_REQUEST_DETAIL generated an issue on the shopping cart
  • [R130408_00008/R130114_00002]: Forcing the group display on generic role
  • [R140313_00004]: Display optimization on the dashboard on the bottom of the screen
  • [R131025_00001/R130911_00001]: Forbidden characters now correctly managed when generating a JID for a user in the chat system
  • [R130109_00004]: Set IS_SYSTEM to False for Codeless Conditional Step Action Type
  • [R130829_00002]: Fixed GET_PATH function. When the last character on the right of a field was a space, the first character of a tree was ignored
  • [R131008_00001/R121212_00006]: New view added V_SM_PROCESSES_RELATED_TO_SERVICE_REQUESTS
  • [R131119_00002]: Fixed View V_ROOT_CAUSE that generated an error message when used in a customization
  • [R131018_00002]: Added fields that were used as tags in emails were displayed as « True » instead of empty when the field value was Null
  • [R140217_00001]: Transfer forbidden to specific groups were not active is some cases
  • [R131105_00001]: When the same question was used in two different questionnaires, the number of mandatory questions on a single questionnaire was not correct as the question present in two questionnaires was counted twice

First Release: 2014.1.136.0 (2014-04-09)

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