ev|Service Manager - 2013 - Change Log

EasyVista 2013.1.0.175

Display Order in menus

Display order of sub menu can now be defined as "default" or "alphabetical order".

Alphabetical order is useful as it will help find menus in the list. This has been done specifically for the Reference menu, but can be applied to other menus also. Please note that if sorted alphabetically, menus will display differently depending on the language of the connected user.


Changing sort order is possible via the menu editor using the buttons highlited in the screenshot above.

Screen display optimization

Screen display has been significantly optimized. Screens are now displayed in one step without repositioning of the various screen components. 

Chat Enhancements

Adding a user to your private chat list is simplified with a new button as shown in the screenshot below. 


Removing a user from the private chat list is now possible via the My private contact list menu


When selecting this menu, a list of all the users you have added manually to your contact list is displayed. Selecting them (1) allows to delete them from the list. Users that are part of a group you are belonging to can't be removed from your contact list. 


Other Changes

  • [R131009_00003]: Removed an error message when the answer to a question was containing a "'" character 
  • [R131018_00002]: When using a tag in a workflow and the content of the tag was empty, the value returned was TRUE instead of empty, which generated error messages
  • [R131025_00001]: Chat: Solved an issue where the availability icon was not correctly displayed for some users due ti JID containing specific characters like @
  • [R130626_00003]: Archived employees are now removed from the list of employees in the chat window.  
  • [R120914_00005]: Tags on request end date were systematically empty when using them in notification steps in emails sent via the workflow engine
  • [R130920_00001]: Solved an issue with images that were copied and pasted into memo fields that were not displayed correctly
  • [R130404_00003]: In some cases, when a service request was generated via a web service, the content was not correctly inherited from the catalog and thus no logistic step was possible
  • [R121206_00002]: It is now possible to delete and rename a favorite with a "'" character
  • [R130905_00002]: Full text search. It is now possible to download attached documents from the read only form displayed after a full text search
  • [R131008_00003]: The parameter allowing to define the height of a memo field is now functional again
  • [R131008_00002]: Performance optimization when using full text search with active filter on dates
  • [R131009_00002]: Removed an error message when importing questionnaires via .exp format
  • [R131010_00005]: Default incident category is now correctly inherited on the quick call when selecting a CI on an incident. 
  • [R131010_00008]: It is now possible again to edit wizards with Internet Explorer 9. Previously, the edit button did not open the popup with IE9 
  • [R130103_00003]: When using roles with domains by location and topic the incidents aren’t transferred to the correct group when using requalification. Using quick call the group is correctly chosen
  • [R131010_00001]: List questions were not displayed correctly in questionnaires 
  • [R131011_00001]: Mandatory questions in questionnaires previously to 2013 were not mandatory after the upgrade anymore if not edited in 2013
  • [R130904_00002]: Access rights on reporting that have been selected as favorites were not correctly applied
  • [R131010_00007]: Removed an issue with question display with Internet Explorer 9
  • [R130830_00001]: On forms, when creating a new field using the "combo type", if the item list of the combo is too long, there's now a progress bar to reach the end of the list
  • [R130403_00006]: Sort order on reports with break down by employee name are now correct in graphics mode 
  • [R131029_00001]: Removed a potential error message on rare occasions when adding a filter on a list
  • [R130904_00001]: The logo displayed in read only forms is now located in the styles folder in order to allow customers to change it more easily
  • [R131021_00001]: Removed a compatibility issue between the new question editor and Internet Explorer 9 and 10 
  • [R131010_00004]: When closing a problem, related incidents are now correctly updated
  • [R131002_00001]: When changing record, if data has not been saved, the updated fields are displayed in yellow. Now the edit fields are also displayed in yellow
  • [R131104_00003]: Application perimeter are now taken into account when selecting an incident category 
  • [R130830_00003]: When changing record via the notification bar, EasyVista now correctly asks if the modified data should be saved
  • [R131107_00002]: Default "None" filter on New Request in Self Service is now correct
  • [R131108_00001]: Questions that were displayed but then hidden due to conditional display of questions are not displayed in the list of results
  • [R130926_00001]: Extended function TreeWhere now unavailable in combo fields
  • [R131112_00001]: Solved an issue where visible tabs were not correctly displayed in the My Tabs menu
  • [R130227_00003]: IE9 and IE 10 Only. Barcode selection window was generating the characters typed in twice with Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • [R131008_00001/R121212_00006]: Added a new view V_SM_PROCESSES_RELATED_TO_SERVICE_REQUESTS
  • [R130408_00008/R130114_00002]: The group selection is now available when transferring a incident using a generic role 
  • [R130909_00003]: Changed the way the table is stored in the history of movement to avoid false display of information on history of changed in questions 
  • [R130109_00004]: Codeless Conditional Step Action Type has now IS_SYSTEM to False
  • [R131021_00003]: Application perimeter restrictions are now correctly enforced when creating a child request
  • [R130726_00008]: Questionnaire overload now functions for herited workflows on a request and not only for workflows defined at the corresponding catalog level 
  • [R131018_00001]: SmoFIX now upgrades correctly changed lists in wizards
  • [R131121_00001]: Removed a potential crash on the last step of the alert editor on alerts on equipments 

EasyVista 2013 September edition (2013.1.152)

Improved performance of wizards

EasyVista 2013 functions with the most recent version of PHP for the application part, PHP 5.4. This version, although it offers many advantages, uses more memory than previous versions. In certain specific cases, some functions become slower than in previous versions. This concerns the launch of wizards, particularly first execution.
In order to resolve this problem, the management of wizards has been moved from the presentation layer to the application layer. There is a significant performance gain.

Incremental entry in combo-boxes

The information-entry system has been considerably enhanced in this version, which allows incremental entry in all combo-boxes.

Warning: The new system described below is active only if the _PATH tables are populated in the EasyVista databases. Please contact your local service desk if you are using EasyVista on premise and have not implemented the automatic population of the _PATH tables. The automatic population of _PATH tables is automatically activated for EasyVista.com SaaS customer.

On a computer

The hyperlink field of previous versions has been replaced by an entry zone. If you hover the mouse over any combo box field, two small icons appear on the right. 


The hyperlink field of previous versions has been replaced by an entry zone. If you hover the mouse over any combo box field, two small icons appear on the right. A click on the icon furthest to the right displays the traditional choice grid
The big change is that we can now click in this field and directly enter the desired name. From three characters entered, EasyVista will search what has been entered in the corresponding list on all fields contained in the list and display the first entries that meet the search criteria.

In the above example, the text "eas" has been found both in the name of the company and in the "type of supplier" column.
It is then possible to use the keyboard or validate using the mouse to select the desired element.
The field can be emptied (setting the default value) by clicking on the "x" icon located to the right of the field. The Escape key can also be used to cancel entry.

On a tablet

On a tablet, there is no equivalent of the "hover" function using the mouse. For this reason, the two icons located to the right of the field are constantly displayed. Other than this, this function operates in exactly the same way.

Moderating discussions

It is now possible to ask certain users to act as moderators for discussions. These users will be able to delete or close discussions even if they did not create them.
These moderators have a dedicated option in the administration menu.
This menu option is configured at the access-control level. Administrators can therefore define moderators by giving access to this menu. A moderator can either close or delete any discussion, even discussions for which he is not the author. 

Integration with Google Analytics

We have integrated support for Google Analytics as standard into EasyVista, which lets you obtain usage statistics for your site. To use this function, you must have a unique identifier supplied by Google . This is of the form "UA-XXXXXXX-1". You must enter it in the miscellaneous parameter "Google Analytics UID" under the Administration/Other Parameters menu.

Important note: As soon as this parameter is entered, it is immediately active. However, if a user is already connected, it will only be active for this user after a disconnection then a reconnection.

Build number 2013.1.0.152

The list of detailed changes in this build is available here.

Build 2013.1.0.115 (2013-07-01)

  • [R130628_00001]: Solved error message: “Invalid Field definition : origin” on some wizards
  • Improved performances in Fulltext Search
  • Solved an issue when displaying news in toolbar

Build 2013.1.0.114 (2013-06-26)

  • [R130613_00002]: Improved performances when displaying list_query
  • Solved issues when saving default values in integration
  • Solved an issue in tabsheets in dialogs. Some records are displayed twice
  • Solved an issue when displaying chat status icon of the same person
  • [R130612_00001]: Solved many issues in webservices. Webservices are functional
  • Solved an issue when displaying news in toolbar
  • [R130626_00002]: Discussions counter fixed

Build 2013.1.0.113 (2013-06-18)

  • [R130404_00001]: Created new column: CREATION_DATE_UT
    • [MSSQL][DATA] ADD COLUMN CREATION_DATE_UT to table AM_DOCUMENT - [R130404_00001].sql
  • [R130425_00002]: Solved an issue where tabs were not displayed correctly when on a conditional display
  • [R130308_00001]: Solved an issue on questionnaires when HTML questions in a memo had too much data
  • [R120521_00002]: Solved an issue where fields with a tree structure not displayed correctly on print sheets
  • [R081209_00002]: Solved an issue with employees and groups in planning
  • [R121108_00004]: Last update field on a form not updated anymore when displaying the document wizard and not updloading a document
  • [R121228_00002]: Size of some read only combo fields restored to intended value
  • [R130116_00002]: Removed search from the self-service validation screen
  • [R121026_00002]: Root level of change catalog now displayed when only one value is available on a change request
  • [R130104_00001]: Calculations on a report with drill down by week and year were not always correct
  • [R121109_00004/R130213_00001]: Added refresh when a new menu is created on Continual improvement
  • [R130118_00001]: Solved an issue with redirection of the Actions for my group menu when the default filter was changed
  • [R121210_00002]: Removed an infinite loop possibility during auto connection via SSO
  • [R110823_00005]: Solved an issue in wizards if combo contained only one value and the value is mandatory and the content triggers a page refresh
  • [R130404_00002]:Solved an issue with reediting an advanced filter
  • [R121026_00001]: Removed an issue on main catalog form
  • [R130612_00001]: Namespace is a reserved keyword in PHP 5.3+ It was used in the webservice code
  • [R120507_00001] [R121112_00001]: Predictive search now works with « [ » « ] » and « - »
  • [R130426_00001]: WebService now support UTF8
  • [R110811_00001]: When reopening an incident, then closing with the anticipated cosing wizard, the resolution delay was incorrect
  • [R110926_00002]: webservice "EZV Create Request" when used in a workflow does not create a Call Reception step anymore
  • [R130215_00004]: emails sent to groups with no email addresses were not correctly sent to email of group members when sent as CC
  • [R130614_00001][13-06:0224]: Solved a license count issue

First Release : 2013.1.0.106 (2013-04-26)

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