EV Reach - Command Line Arguments for the Govtools.exe Process

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03

This article will describe the command line switches for the Govtools.exe process.


The Govtools.exe process can be found in the installation directory of EV Reach(C:\Program Files\EV Reach Console 9) and is used to spawn 4 specific EV Reach tools:

EV Reach Taskmanager

Govtools.exe /M:machinename(FQDN)

EV Reach Remote Command Console

Govtools.exe /rcmd machinename(FQDN)

EV Reach IP Scanner

Govtools.exe /IPSCN

EV Reach File Manager

Govtools.exe /fileman machinename(FQDN) -u:Domain\Username

Note: For the File Manager, the "-u" is the credentials needed to access the remote file system of the machine.

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