EV Reach Server - Troubleshootings

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03

Monitor Server Load and Error Management

Monitor activity and load statistics of the EV Reach Server in the Server Controls section of the console. Select this section and click on Turn On under the Server Statistics section of the ribbon bar.


When statistics are enabled, the number of active connections and network bandwidth usage information will be shown. Use this view to see the activity logs and monitor machines that are communicating with the server. The log will include the EV Reach Product, Request Type, and Response.

To view the full activity log, click on the View full log link, or select View Server Log > View Activity Log.

Viewing server execution events

In addition to the activity log, the EV Reach Server also registers execution events and errors in a separate log. This log is useful to troubleshoot initialization issues or connection problems. The execution log contains execution events related to server initialization, policy distribution, Reach services, and auditing.

View the execution log by selecting View Server Log > View Error Log from the ribbon bar.

Error Management Settings

By default, the EV Reach Server will save 2 days of activity and execution events. This period can be changed in the Server Settings section of the Server Configuration window.

Also, EV Reach Server events can be registered in multiple locations:

  • The database
  • The local Windows Event Application log
  • A log file

Error management settings can be configured in the Error Management section of the Server Configuration window.

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