EV Reach Server - License Distribution - Implementing the Licensing Service Proxy

Last modified on 2023/10/13 15:21

The EV Reach Server can be used as a proxy for EV Reach Consoles to the Online EV Reach Licensing Service.

This can be used:

  • If internet access from the Operators’ machine is unavailable.
  • To enable silent license distribution.

Note: If the EV Reach Console machine does not have internet access, but the EV Reach Server can be granted internet access, the Standalone Licensing Service is recommended instead.


Enabling Proxy Licensing Service

Open the EV Reach Server’s Server Configuration window and select the Licensing Server Settings section:


Use this EV Reach Server as a Licensing ServerDisabled

Disables the on-premise licensing services. EV Reach Operators will require internet connectivity or web proxy access to the EV Reach Licensing Servers to perform licensing tasks.

Enable as a proxy The EV Reach Server redirects all inbound licensing requests to the online EV Reach Licensing Server.


In this mode, EV Reach Operators will not require internet connectivity. However, the EV Reach Server must be able to communicate with the online EV Reach Licensing Service at the following address:


Listening PortThe inbound communication port used to service EV Reach Operator licensing requests.
Use an HTTP Proxy to access the InternetIf your organization uses a Web or Internet Proxy, Enable this setting and enter your Proxy Host and Port details. Note: Proxy servers that require authentication are not supported.
Enable silent license distributionEnable this option if you do not wish EV Reach Operators to have to sign-in to the software. This feature requires a EV Reach account to be configured.

See the section Enabling Silent License Distribution

Once configured, click on OK to publish your settings.

Note: In order for the On-Premise EV Reach licensing Services to work, the EV Reach Server must be properly advertised and started.

Enabling Silent License Distribution

Enable this option to distribute sign-in credentials to EV Reach Operators automatically.

This option requires the configuration of a pre-existing EV Reach account. This account will be used to perform silent sign-in on behalf of the EV Reach Operators.

As a best practice, create a dedicated NON-ADMIN account for auto-sign in (for instance autosign@mycompany.com), and assign it to the licenses that you wish to distribute to your operators.

If multiple licenses are associated to the auto-sign in account, the EV Reach software automatically consumes the most appropriate license based on the locally installed features. For instance, if the operator only installs the EV Reach Remote Control feature, and the EV Reach auto-sign in account is associated with both a EV Reach Suite license and a EV Reach RC license, then the EV Reach RC license is used.


Once this setting is published, new EV Reach Operators will be able to open their EV Reach products without a EV Reach account. A floating license is silently provided to the user and released when the user closes the product.

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