EV Reach Server - Configuration - Getting Started

Last modified on 2023/08/30 17:11

Implementation Overview

The EV Reach Server is a software component that can be installed on 64-bit only Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.

Implementing a EV Reach Server infrastructure is done via the following 3 steps:


The EV Reach Server requires an active sign-on account to start. By default, each EV Reach account is provisioned with a single EV Reach Server license.

A EV Reach Server license can only be used to sign into a single EV Reach Server server. However, you can generate an unlimited number of EV Reach Server licenses free of charge. Login to the EV Reach Client Portal, select the EV Reach Server product under the Licenses section, and click on the Add License option.

Installing the EV Reach Server

Download and Install the EV Reach Server

The latest EV Reach Server can be downloaded by logging into the EV Reach Client Portal, selecting the EV Reach Server tab and clicking on Download Product.

Minimum System Requirements: The EV Reach Server software can be installed on any 64-bit only Windows Server 2008 R2 or later operating system with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and 200MB of available disk space.

Configure Reach Server

Open the Server Configuration window and configure the following options:

Server Role

A EV Reach Server can be a primary server or a dependent secondary server. The Primary Server will have the ability to edit all policies and services across your infrastructure. Secondary Servers will replicate settings from this server. For more information, see EV Reach Server Roles.

If this is your first EV Reach Server, keep this setting as the Primary.

Server Settings

Network Configuration

The Server Listening Port is the port exposed on the internal side of the network. This port is used to provide EV Reach Server services to your machines. This port should be reachable by all of your machines within the private infrastructure.

The default port number is 22100.

Server Services Authentication

Enter the user ID and password that will be used start the EV Reach Server and EV Reach Gateway Services.

This account needs to have the following privileges:

  • Log on as a service permission
  • Local Administrator permission on the server itself
  • DB Creator rights if using an MS SQL Server (Optional)


Database Settings

By default, the EV Reach Server installer will automatically install the LocalDB database. The file-based database can accommodate medium sized networks of 500 or less nodes. No further configuration is necessary for the LocalDB database.

For larger networks, use the EV Reach Server settings to switch to a MS SQL Server/Express instance for the database after the installer has completed.

SQL Server Configuration

Change the database type to Microsoft SQL Server and enter the SQL Server details. The Service Account configured in Server Services Authentication is used when Windows Authentication is selected.

For more information on how to configure SQL or SQL Express for EV Reach use, see EV Reach SQL Server Configuration.

Note: The EV Reach Operator Console and EV Reach Server use two separate SQL databases that have their own functions.

Do not configure both operator consoles and reach servers to point to the same database.

If SQL Authentication is required, change the authentication method and enter the SQL account credentials.


Start your Engine

This completes the minimum setting requirements. Click on OK to close the configuration window. Once completed the following message will be displayed:


Click on Start the Server

Note: This will have no effect on the network as we have not yet advertised this server’s existence.

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