Automatic Inventory Collection

Last modified on 2023/10/03 15:59

   This feature is only available to on premise customers. Coming to Cloud customers soon.

With the Inventory collection feature, the EV Reach Agents will automatically report inventory data to the EV Reach Server on a frequency defined by an EV Reach Server Policy. The new Inventory Collection feature will greatly improve the accuracy of Inventory Data regardless of the state of a device.


EV Reach Server v11 and higher.

EV Reach Endpoint Agents v11 or higher.

Migrating to Version 11
For more information on upgrading from v10 to v11, see our Migration Guide.

Inventory Item Collection Policy

The following Inventory Data Types can be collected at specified schedules. This policy will determine how often specific Inventory Items are submitted to the server. You may adjust this based on your needs.

          Inventory Item Collection Policy.png

Some Inventory Data Types change very often and can cause performance issues on your EV Reach Server. Assign this policy to any policy group in your Global Policy Settings.

See EV Reach Server - Global Policy Distribution

Viewing Inventory Data

EV Reach will always prefer live data over inventory data. If a system is not online, all of the inventory data will be shown instead with the Historical Data tag on various Administration and Diagnostic Screens as well as Process Automation Reports.

          Viewing Inventory Data-01.png

          Viewing Inventory Data-02.png

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