EV Reach Gateway Service - Overview

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03

The EV Reach Gateway Service provides uninterrupted management of computers regardless of their network location.

Computer nodes equipped with EV Reach Agents can be accessed and managed remotely using EV Reach services whether they are connected to your private network, or anywhere else over the internet, without requiring a VPN bridge.

The EV Reach Gateway Service is completely self-hosted and does not depend on any outside services or vendors to establish connections. Since there is no ‘middle-man’ between you and your clients, external points of failure and security dependencies are eliminated.

The EV Reach Gateway Access Modes

The EV Reach Gateway Service is highly scalable and can be used to manage corporate networks, remote client sites and computer standalone nodes.


Manage Corporate Users

EV Reach Gateway Services can be used to remotely manage corporate users irrespective of their location - in the office, at home or on a business trip.

The EV Reach client automatically detects if the user’s machine is connected to the corporate network or a public network. This allows for seamless management of corporate machines as they transition from the internal network to outside of the organization. Management requests are automatically rerouted to the client’s location allowing un-interrupted support of attended or unattended machines, irrespective of their location.


Manage Client Sites

IT Services Providers or multi-site enterprises can benefit from easy access and management of all their client sites using the EV Reach Gateway Services. All machines in a client site can be managed remotely using EV Reach Gateway Services once the site is configured; this applies even to client machines connected outside of their private network.


Assist Any User On-Demand

EV Reach Gateway Services can also be used for On-Demand support sessions. With On-Demand support sessions, any remote user can be supported once authorized by a simple approval process. On-Demand sessions are useful for corporate BYOD or application customer support environments.


How are EV Reach External Nodes Used?

Your EV Reach account includes an unlimited number of free External Nodes.

One External Node agent is required for every computer that is actively registered with the Reach Gateway Server. This includes active On-Demand support sessions or Permanent Registrations. You may also mix permanent registrations with on-demand sessions.

External Node Registration Modes

Permanent Registration - Also known as Unattended Mode. This access mode is designed to give you full unattended access to a target system that is outside of the network.

On-Demand Registration - This access mode is designed for on-the-spot support sessions. On-Demand sessions are a code based exchange between the end user and support tech.

How do I know how many External Reach Agents are currently connected?

This information can be found in the Reach Gateway tab of the EV Reach Server:


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