EV Reach Gateway Services - Troubleshootings

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03


If an endpoint fails to register within the Reach Repository, the following may be the cause:

  • EV Reach settings were not detected or configured properly
  • EV Reach Server is out of licenses
  • EV Reach Server identity failed to be validated
  • Client’s internal/external state failed to be detected properly

The best way to gather extended information on the client’s machine is by opening the Application Log of the local Event Viewer and look for EV Reach Services source events.


When the EV Reach Client Agent starts, it will produce a set of Event Log messages to describe the previously described agent initialization steps:

  1. Whether a EV Reach Server was detected
  2. Whether the EV Reach Gateway Services was detected
  3. The current internal/external state of the local machine (if Reach configured)

If EV Reach configuration is detected and the client failed to register itself, an event log entry will be injected with the reason for failure.

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