EV Reach Gateway Services - Branding End User Experience

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03


By default, the parent organization name configured in your EV Reach Server settings is used to brand EV Reach sessions. This name is used in the On-Demand EV Reach session email, support session interface and is the name of the shortcut generated on the user’s desktop.

The EV Reach experience can be further customized by creating a self-hosted, On-Demand EV Reach landing page with a convenient public DNS name that includes a download button for the On-Demand EV Reach client executable.


The On-Demand EV Reach support landing page should auto-download the EV Reach Client executable that was generated from a prior On-Demand EV Reach web-link.

Note: If you change any of your EV Reach Settings, you MUST regenerate a new EV ReachClient.exe by generating a new web-link to reflect these changes.

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