EV Reach Server - Overview

Last modified on 2023/10/17 11:04

The EV Reach Server is a central authority for all EV Reach services and agents. Once implemented and advertised within your network, the EV Reach Server is used as the authoritative source for policies, auditing and other server services as described below.

The EV Reach Server is not required for the EV Reach solution to work. However, it is highly recommended if you wish to centrally and securely control the behavior of the EV Reach services, centralize auditing or provide support services outside of your private network.

EV Reach Server Services

Global Policy Distribution

The Global Policy feature allows you to granularly control the behavior and settings of the EV Reach services (both client and operator sides) across your network. For example, a policy such as a User Acceptance prompt that displays before a remote control session starts or a policy to disable remote control services on a particular set of servers. Both can be pushed using the Global Policy feature.

Policy distribution via the EV Reach Server is highly secure and cannot be tampered with (unlike policy distribution via a Group Policy Object).

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Note: The recommended method to globally configure EV Reach is via the Global Policy Services of the EV Reach Server. The GPO is an alternative in case a EV Reach Server cannot be implemented, or in addition to a EV Reach Server in the event, the server is unavailable.

EV Reach Gateway Service

EV Reach Gateway Service provides uninterrupted management of computers regardless of their network location. Reach equipped computer nodes are remotely accessible and manageable using EV Reach services. These remote nodes can be connected to your private network or anywhere else over the internet, without requiring a VPN bridge. EV Reach also supports on-demand assistance sessions allowing easy access to anyone’s computer over the internet.

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EV Reach Auditing Services

The EV Reach Server is also used to centrally store audit events generated by the EV Reach services. Currently, only EV Reach Remote Control session audits and Windows login/logout events audits are registered with the EV Reach Server.

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EV Reach License Distribution

The EV Reach Server can be used to distribute and manage EV Reach licenses on premise.

This can be used:

  • If internet access from the Operators’ machine is unavailable.
  • To enable silent license distribution.

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Client Agent Installation

The EV Reach Server includes the Agent Manager tool that allows the remote management of Client Agents on the machines within your network.

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Automatic Inventory Collection

With the inventory collection functionality, the EV Reach Agents will automatically report inventory data to the EV Reach Server on a frequency that is completely under your control. This means that you can now easily keep track of all of your assets in one place without having to set up Process Automation Jobs.

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