EV Reach - IT Process Automation Tutorial - Running Multiple Workflows Within One Scope Action

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03


   These tutorial is for demonstration purposes. Please test all Scope Actions before deploying them into production.


In this tutorial, you will learn to use EV Reach's Process Automation framework to trigger or run multiple workflows within one scope action.



  • You will need access to the full version of EV Reach and its Process Automation framework. If you don’t currently own a valid license, you can download a free version of our remote access software on our website. The 15-day trial is free and no credit card is required.

Best Practice


Step by Step Tutorial


  • The computer that has the EV Reach Scope Action module installed must be configured as the target of this Scope Action.
    For example: If the Scope Action module is located on COMPUTER-A, the scope module must look as follows:


  • The following screenshot represents the finished Action Modules tab. The Master Scope Action will contain a different action module for each Scope Action.


Step 1: Configuring each Action Module in the Master Scope Action

1. For each individual scope action, create the following action module in the Master Scope Action:

Execute Computer Action > Processes > Run a New Process


Process Name: This will be the location of the GovScopeActionWorker.exe (located in the EV Reach installation directory) Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\GoverLAN v8\GovScopeActionWorker.exe (for x86 users remove the x86 from the Program Files path)

Process Argument String: This will be the Scope Action in question including its full path. (You can right click the Scope Action > Open Definition Directory, to confirm the exact location of your Scope Actions) Example: C:\Users\vcruz\AppData\Roaming\EV Reach\Scope Actions v8\Report NTFS Permissions.gsa -opt:NoPrompt

Caution: The -opt:NoPrompt switch that is needed after the .GSA name for the Scope Action to run properly.

Run As Type: 1 (This means that it will run as the console user, in this case since we selected the EV Reach Console machine, it will use the logged users credentials. Set this to the requirements of your network)

Wait for Completion: Set this value to True if the Scope Actions need to run sequentially. Set this value to false if the Scope Actions need to run simultaneously.

Wait Time Out(Seconds): Please enter a time in seconds for the Scope Action to complete. This depends on the nature of the scope action itself. Longer scope actions will need more time to complete.

Kill Process on Time Out: False

Hide Execution Window: True

2. Repeat Step 1 for each scope action that will participate in the Master Scope Action.

Step 2: Setting the order of execution for each Action Module

1. Arrange the Action Modules in the order of execution.


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