EV Reach - IT Process Automation Tutorial - Removing a Specific Windows Update by KB Number

Last modified on 2024/01/08 11:15


   These tutorial is for demonstration purposes. Please test all Scope Actions before deploying them into production.


In this tutorial, you will learn to use EV Reach's Process Automation framework to silently remove the windows update that installs Internet Explorer 11 by calling the WUSA.exe process and specifying the KB number.



  • You will need access to the full version of EV Reach and its Process Automation framework. If you don’t currently own a valid license, you can download a free version of our remote access software on our website. The 15-day trial is free and no credit card is required.

Best Practice


Step by Step Tutorial

1. Click on Add/Remove. Then Execute Computer Action > Processes > Run a new process.

2. You will now be at the Set Arguments: Run a new process window.


We will select the following for each:

Process name: wusa.exe

Process argument string: /uninstall /kb:2841134 /quiet /norestart

   For Internet Explorer 11's complete removal, a reboot is required. You must specify either the /norestart or /forcerestart commands or the user will be prompted for the restart.

Run as type: 0

   If run as type "0" doesn't work, you may need to use type "2" and specify domain admin credentials.

Run Username: Leave blank(for type 0)

Run as Password: Leave blank(for type 0)

Wait for Completion: False

Wait Timeout (seconds): 30

Kill Process on Time Out: False

Hide Execution Window: True

3. Click OK.

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