EV Reach - IT Process Automation Tutorial - Launching Remotely a File or Website on a Client Machine

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:35


   These tutorial is for demonstration purposes. Please test all Scope Actions before deploying them into production.


In this tutorial, you will learn to use EV Reach's Process Automation framework to remotely launch any file or Website on a client machine, as the logged in user.

Best Practice


Step by Step Tutorial

1. Click on Add/Remove. Then Execute Action > Processes > Run a new process.

2. You will now be at the Set Arguments: Run a new process window.

  • You can run open any document as the logged in user as long as the Run As Type is set to 1.
    In this case we are opening a document located in the logged in users documents file path.
  • You can change this to a network path like \\Fileserver\Document.docx as long as the Run As Type is set to an account that has access to the network path.
  • If you'd like to open a Website simply change the file path to an address like http://www.google.com.

Caution: Make sure to keep Wait for Completion to False or EV Reach will wait for the document to be closed before completing the Scope Action.


  • Click OK after selecting the above.

3. Finally, proceed to run the Scope Action according to your requirements.

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