EV Reach - IT Process Automation Tutorial - Changing a SSID/WiFi Password on a Windows Machine

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02


   These tutorial is for demonstration purposes. Please test all Scope Actions before deploying them into production.


In this tutorial, you will learn to use EV Reach's Process Automation framework to change the wifi password of an already existing wireless profile on your Windows machine by calling the netsh process.


This activation method will only work for Server 2008/Windows Vista and higher.

Best Practice


Step by Step Tutorial

1. Click on Add/Remove. Then Execute Action > Processes > Run a new process.

2. You will now be at the Set Arguments: Run a new process window. We will select the following for each:


Process name: netsh.exe

Process argument string: wlan set profileparameter name=YOURPROFILENAME keyMaterial=NEWPASSWORD

Caution: YOURPROFILENAME must be EXACTLY how it appears on the machine that you are modifying.

Run as type: 0

Run Username: Leave blank

Run as Password: Leave blank

Wait for Completion: True

Wait Timeout (seconds): 60

Kill Process on Time Out: True

Hide Execution Window: True

Click OK after selecting the above.

3. Click OK and proceed to run the Scope Action according to your requirements.

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