EV Reach - Extending Process Automations with WMIX

Last modified on 2023/10/19 11:23

Using WMI, Process Automation Reporting can be further extended to include virtually everything that WMI has to offer.

If you are not familiar with Process Automation, see Creating Process Automations

Getting your WMI Query

Using WMIX

WMIX is a built in tool that ships with EV Reach that serves as a GUI explorer for WMI. Use WMIX to find any query you wish to add to your EV Reach Process Automation. For more information on how to use WMIX, see Getting Started with WMIX

Embedding your own WMI Queries

You can enter your own WMI queries using the Report Menu inside an action module.

  1. Create your Process Automation
  2. Create a new Action Module
  3. Navigate to Add \ Remove ⇒ Report ⇒ WMI Objects ⇒ Manage WMI Objects

You may choose to use the list from WMIX’s browser view OR Use a separate list.

  1. Use a separate list to add your own Custom WMI query
  2. Click the + sign and select Add New Query Object

Here you may enter your custom WQL query.

Example: Select * from Win32_EncryptableVolume
(This query is for the Bitlocker Status of a Windows Workstation).

Creating Reports with your WMI Query

Once the WMI Query has been added, Go back to Add \ Remove > Report > WMI Objects. You can now select the properties of the WMI Class that will be queried.

You may also use the Condition Only if the following is true section with your WMI Query.

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