EV Reach - IT Process Automations - Overview

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:03

EV Reach Process Automations is a powerful configuration management tool that can perform asset management, software deployments or detect network objects with a specific configuration.

  • It offers an extensive collection of report, set, and execute actions.
  • It includes all actions that can be performed using the Administration & Diagnostics module plus many more.
  • Additionally, WMI technology has been fully integrated into Process Automations so that every WMI attribute and method can be configured in a Process Automation.

Examples of What Can Be Done Using EV Reach Process Automations

  • Reporting on the installed applications on a set of machines.
  • Deploying the installation of a software package on a set of machines.
  • Reporting all user accounts with administrative privileges and a password age greater than 60 days.
  • Shutting down all machines every Friday at 11:45 PM, unless a user is currently logged-in.
  • Adding a new network printer to all users for a specific department.
  • Detecting all machines that are currently running a specific process.
  • Querying information, modifying settings or executing tasks using WMI objects.

IT Process Automation Tutorials

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