EV Reach - Configuration for Use in a Workgroup

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

This tutorial will show you how to configure EV Reach for use in a workgroup (no Active Directory) environment.

Agent Installation

Before deploying agents, please ensure that the following prerequisites are met on the remote machine:

  • TCP port 22000 is allowed inbound in Windows Firewall
  • File and print sharing is enabled

See Find out more to install the agent from the console or to manually install the agent.

Adding Credentials

Administrative credentials will need to be added to the EV Reach Credential Manager to perform administrative tasks on your machines.

Option 1 – All administrator accounts the same on your machines:

In the EV Reach Credential Manager, select IP Range as your target type, then enter LAN information:


After you have entered the IP information, add the admin account as below:


Option 2 – All administrator accounts are different on your machines:

In the EV Reach Credential Manager, you will need to enter the administrative credentials for each machine you are going to manage on your LAN:


Once you click next, add the local administrator account credentials:


Adding IP Range To Favorites View

In the EV Reach Remote Control console, click on the “My Devices” tab, then right click on Favorites (If you are using team collaboration and want to share this view, then right click “Shared Favorites”) and select “Add Container”.

Next, select IP Subnet Range. This will then give you a properties window. Add the same IP range that was entered for the credentials for IP Range:


Once that has been set you will now see the below list:


You can then initiate a remote session by right clicking the desired IP address in the list.

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