EV Reach - Feature Restrictions

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

EV Reach has many features however these features can be restricted based on preferences.


Using EV Reach's administrative GPO Template or the EV Reach Server, features can be restricted to comply with organizational policies.

Here is a comprehensive list of features that can be restricted.

Client Side

  • Remote Control > Disable ‘View Log’ option in Control Panel
  • Remote Control > Disable ‘Disconnect Remote User’ in notification

Operator Side

  • Remote Control Protocol > Disable VNC
  • Remote Control Protocol > Disable TELNET/SSH
  • Remote Control Protocol > Disable RDP
  • Remote Control Protocol > Disable ATM KVM
  • Remote Control > No Session Capturing
  • Remote Control > No Clipboard Transfer
  • Remote Control > No Chat Access
  • Remote Control > Force Observe Only
  • Remote Control > Admin-Mode Feature Settings
  • Do Not Allow: Reach On-Demand Permanent Installs
  • Do Not Allow: Reach On-Demand Session Generator
  • Do Not Allow: EV Reach Software Update Notification
  • Do Not Allow: WMIX
  • Do Not Allow: Windows Auto Login Configuration
  • Do Not Allow: Task Manager
  • Do Not Allow: SureData Advanced Settings
  • Do Not Allow: Stand By of machines
  • Do Not Allow: Scope Actions
  • Do Not Allow: Remote Command Prompt
  • Do Not Allow: Power Off / Restart of Machines
  • Do Not Allow: Logoff / Session Reset of users
  • Do Not Allow: File Manager
  • Do Not Allow: Chat

Configuring Feature Restrictions

EV Reach Admin GPO Template

Restriction can be configured by the EV Reach Admin GPO Template that is provided with your EV Reach installation. Learn more about how to install and configure the EV Reach Admin GPO Template.

  • Navigate to: Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates: Policy Definitions > EV Reach Universal Settings > EV Reach Features Restrictions

EV Reach Server

The EV Reach Server's Universal Settings Distribution feature can also enforce these policies on EV Reach Modules or EV Reach Agents. See also: Installing and configuring the EV Reach Server.

  • Navigate to: Universal Settings Distribution tab > EV Reach Features Restrictions
  • Configure the policies that are required for your organization.
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