EV Reach - WMI Explorer - Using the WMI Report Wizard Tool

Last modified on 2023/10/19 12:44


EV Reach's WMI Explorer's Report Wizard tool can either be used to generate any pre-configured report on a set of machines or to generate a script for a pre-defined report.

Note: If you need more powerful reporting capabilities, use the Scope Action feature of EV Reach. Scope Actions is a sophisticated feature which allows you to generate reports, modify properties and execute methods on large sets of machines. See Find out more.


  1. To start the Report Wizard, open the main command bar and select Report >> Report Wizard from the main menu, or, click on the Report Wizard button in the ribbon bar.
  2. Click on Next at the Welcome screen.
  3. Select the desired report from the list (to modify the list of pre-configured reports, use the Report Manager Tool).
  4. To generate a Script, click on the button


    or click on Next to continue with the creation of the report.
    See Find out more about scripts
  5. Select an input target file to be queried and click on Next. Note: The acceptable formats for the input files are CSV or one machine per line. For instance, the following file contents are acceptable:
    CSVOne machine per lineMix



    mac1 mac2 mac3 mac43.mydom.commac1,"mac2" mac3,'mac43.mydom.com'
  6. The list of machines are then presented for final confirmation. Use this step to verify and if necessary to modify the final list of machines. You can also export this list to a new file if you want to reference it later on. Click on Next.
  7. The Report Wizard may generate a large number of HTML files. For this reason, it doesn't use the default report directory. Specify a directory where you want the report to be generated. If you specify a path which doesn't exist, WMIX will create it. Click on Next.
  8. You have now completed the Report Wizard. Click on Finish to start executing the report. Once the report is generated, it is automatically opened in your default browser.
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