EV Reach - WMI Explorer - Using the WMI Report Manager Tool

Last modified on 2023/10/19 12:41

EV Reach's WMI Explorer includes a Report Manager tool. It can be used to view, add, remove or modify your report templates.

  • This WMI Report Manager tool is located within the items listed in the WMIX's main menu.
  • To manage your report templates, click on the Report Templates button in the ribbon bar or open the main command bar and select Report > Report Templates.


Note: The Report Manager can be opened at any time, even if WMIX is not connected to a target machine.

Report Organization

  • Once you add a new report template, it is automatically available in the Report item of the main menu. WMIX comes with a set of pre-configured report templates. These templates have a different icon than a user template and they cannot be deleted.


  • The existing report templates are displayed in the Configured Reports list on the left side of the Report Manager. WMIX reports have a different icon than other user reports and do not have a checkbox to their left (the check box is used to remove report templates.) As you select a report template in the Configured Reports list, the Report Settings section on the right side of the Report Manager gets updated with the selected information.

Adding a New Template

You can add a new report item by clicking on the Add or Add Copy button located under the Configured Reports list. Add Copy allows you to create a new report item which is a duplicate copy of an existing report template. All information from the source report template is copied over to the new item except for the name. In either case, a new entry is added to the Configured Reports list. This new entry is selected and set in edit mode so that you can modify its name. The name of a report can be modified using the Configured Reports list or by modifying the report name in the respective field of the Report Settings section.

Removing a Report Template

To remove a report template from the Configured Reports list, check its box to the left of the template name. Once all templates to be removed are checked, click on the Remove button located under the Configured Reports list.

Report Settings

The Report Settings section displays the currently selected report template's configuration settings.

Caution:  Be aware that any modification made in the Report Settings section is instantaneous. There is no Apply or Cancel button. Changes are automatically saved when you change the report selection or when you close the Report Manager.

A report template is composed of a report name, description, options and WMI objects to be reported. The report name and description are used to identify the report and is free-form text. However, no two report templates may have the same name.

Report Options

Show Object SummariesEnable to insert a summary section of the instances for each object to be reported. A summary section contains the count of the instances reported as well as a list of the instances' names. If the Show Object Details option is enabled, the summary section's entries link to the actual instance's detailed information block.

For example, the report section for the Physical Media object would show the following summary section. Below the summary section are the instances' detailed information blocks.



Show Object DetailsEnable to have WMIX report the detailed information for each instance of the configured object.


Show Null ValuesEnable to include the properties of instances which have a null value. Disable to only show properties which have a value.

This option is only available if Show Object Details is enabled.

Truncate Long ValuesEnable to truncate instance properties which have excessively long values (for instance an array of bytes which represents the bitmap information of an image.) Disable to display the full values of the properties, no matter what their length is. If enabled, the values are truncated if they exceed the length configured in the Reporting section under Options.

This option is only available if Show Object Details is enabled.

Adding and Removing WMI Objects

You can add two types of objects in your report templates: WMI classes or WMI queries.

  • To add a WMI class, click on the Add Object button located under the objects reported by this report list. When the WMI Search window opens, find the object to be reported and click on OK. For more information, see Searching by WMI Objects.
  • To add a WMI query, click on the Add Query button. When the New Report Query window opens, enter the name and query string of the query to add to the report template. The information panel of the New Query Windows has two sections which can be used to configure your query object. The Recently Executed section displays the last ten queries you executed using the WMI Query view, and the Configured section displays the currently configured root query objects of the Browser view. You can click on any of the information panel's links to populate the Query field with the respective query string.

Ordering and Sortering WMI objects

You can configure the order in which the configured objects are reported by selecting any report object and clicking on the UP or DOWN arrow buttons located to the right of the Objects reported by this report list.

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