EV Reach - WMI Explorer - Using the WMI Information Panel

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

  • If the Information panel is closed, open the main command bar and selectShow Panels >> Information from the main menu.
  • To set or un-set the Information panel in the auto-hide mode, click on the button located on the panel bar


In the auto-hide mode, the Information panel is minimized when not used and only appears when you place the mouse cursor over its tab.

  • To move the Information panel to another area of the WMIX workspace, click on the panel's bar and drag it to the desired location.


The Information panel contains different information depending on the active view. For instance, when the Browser View is active, object information, description, web reference link and available tasks are displayed for the currently selected object. Clicking on the Object Properties link opens the property window of the object whereas clicking on a task executes it.

If the Query WMI view is active, the Information panel displays a web reference link to WQL (WMI Query Language), as well as links to recently executed queries.

Note: WMIX offers reference and help links to WMI objects and the WMI Query Language. These links point to external web sites which provide WMI information. By default, the English version of the WMI Microsoft® web site is configured for WMI class and WQL information. However, you can configure any URL in the Referenced URLs category in the WMIX Options.


The Information section displays generic information about the currently selected view.


This section displays the security information of the currently active connection. This section is not displayed in the Query WMI View mode.

  • If you have initiated a connection under an alternate set of credentials, the credentials used are displayed. The Open the Credentials Manager link is also displayed. Click on it to open the Credentials Manager and make modifications on the credentials assigned to a remote machine. Note: Any modifications made for a machine only take effect when the connection is restarted.
  • If the connection is using Delegation, the Delegation Enabled - Click to turn off link is displayed. Click on this link to turn off delegation.

Object Information

Displays relevant information about the currently selected object or view mode.

Available Tasks

Only available in the Browser View. This section displays the execution methods available for the selected object. Click on any of these links to start executing the selected method.

Recently Executed

Only available in the Query WMI View. This section includes a link for the recently executed query. Click on any of the links to have the query view initialized to that query.

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