EV Reach - WMI Explorer - Setting up the WMI Tools' Options

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

To configure the options in the EV Reach's WMI Explorer, open the main command bar and select WMIX Options.

WMIX options are divided into the following categories:

General WMI Explorer Settings

Always test connectivity before querying a machineEnable to have WMIX ping a machine before attempting to connect to it. Disable to have WMIX directly connect to a remote machine without executing a ping test.

Testing for connectivity is useful to prevent lengthy timeouts which occur from trying to connect to a machine which is unreachable. However, if the remote machine is behind a firewall which doesn't allow RAW packets (pings) to go through, you will need to disable this option.

If enabled, the Timeout after X seconds value controls the number of seconds WMIX waits for the answer of a ping test before returning an Unreachable error message.

Automatically show generated scripts. Do not prompt me to 'Save As...'Check this option if you do not want to be prompted for a filename and path each time you generate a script. In this mode, the WMI Explorer creates a temporary file called WMIX_Script.vbs in the default TEMP folder, inserts the WMI Script in it, and displays the script by opening the file.  This mode is best to quickly test generated scripts with the VisualBasic or PowerShell Gui Builder. You can copy parts of WMIX generated script and paste it into your own script.

Un-check this option to be prompted for a file name and path each time you generate a script.

Maximum number of instances returned by WMI classesSet the maximum number instances WMIX returns when querying a class.

General Settings >> Alternate Credentials

Automatically prompt for alternate credentialsEnable to have WMIX prompt you for alternate credentials when it receives an Access Is Denied while connecting to the WMI repository of a remote machine.

If enabled, WMIX automatically prompts you for alternate credentials when necessary. Once the new credentials are entered and registered, they are reused for subsequent connections to the remote machine's namespaces.

An option is also presented to save the credentials for new WMIX program instances. All credentials are saved in an encrypted format.

Note: If you connect to a remote machine using alternate credentials, the actual credentials used are displayed in the Information Panel of the current view (except for the WMI Query view). The Information Panel displays: 'You are currently connected to this machine as AUTHORITYPrincipal' in the security section.

Credential ManagerClick on this button to open the Alternate Credential Manager. The Credential Manager allows you to manage currently active alternate credentials as well as saved credentials.

Referenced URLs

The Information Panel may provide you with a Reference weblink entry which you can use  to retrieve technical information about the currently selected class object, or, if the WMI Query view is active, about the WQL language. Clicking on these reference links opens external web pages which specialize in WMI information. By default, the English version of the WMI Microsoft® web site is configured for WMI class and WQL information. However, you can configure these links to point to any web site of your choice.

Tip: If you have modified these settings and wish to reset them to their original values, click on the Reset to defaults button.

URL used to reference the WMI Class helpURL to be used when referencing WMI Class object information. This field contains a fully formatted URL which can include the substitution variable [CLASSNAME]. This variable is automatically replaced at runtime with the selected WMI object name.

For example, if you were to configure this field to use the fictitious URL: http://techinfo.wmi.uk/classInfo.cgi?wmiclass=[CLASSNAME]

clicking on the Object Reference Weblink while the Computer System object is selected, the URL would be: http://techinfo.wmi.uk/classInfo.cgi?wmiclass=Win32_ComputerSystem

URL used to reference the WQL helpURL to be used when referencing WQL language information. The URL specified in this field cannot contain any substitution variable.


WMIX has a reporting feature which allows you to report any information from the target machine. When reporting information, an HTML file is automatically generated and opened in your default web browser. The following options allow you to configure this feature's miscellaneous settings.

Reports directoryDirectory that WMIX uses to generate every HTML report file. WMIX must have read/write access to this directory.
Truncated value maximum lengthWhen generating a report, WMIX can truncate property values which are excessively long (such as an array of byte values corresponding to the bitmap information of a logo). This option is enabled or disabled when configuring a report item using the Report Manager.

The Truncated value maximum length is the maximum length of a property value before WMIX truncates it. By default, this value is 256.

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