EV Reach - WMI Explorer - Introduction to WMI Reporting

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

WMIX, EV Reach's WMI Explorer,  offers flexible reporting tools which can be used at any time. You can quickly generate a report on information currently being displayed or generate a pre-configured report for a machine or a set of machines. All reports are generated in HTML. However, an option to export to CSV is available from within the HTML report. Once the information is saved in CSV format, it can easily be imported into other applications such as Microsoft Excel® for further processing.

Reporting on the fly with EV Reach's WMI Explorer

With WMIX, it is easy to query endpoints and collect data on the fly. You can report from almost every view and information window. For instance, the Object Properties window has a Report button which can be used to export the window's information.


Reporting from within the Browser View

When using the Browser view you can either report information on a single instance or all child instances.

  • To report information on a single instance, select it and either right click on the mouse and chose Report Properties from the menu or click on Report Object Information in the Information Panel.


  • You can also click on the button in the main toolbar.


Reporting from within the Instances Panel

You can also report information on a single instance or all instances in the Instances Panel.

  • To report information on a single instance, select it, right click on the mouse and select the Report Properties menu item.
  • To report information on all instances in the Instances view, right click within an empty area of the Instances Panel and select the Report Instances menu item.

WMI Explorer: Generating Pre-Defined Reports

WMIX also allows you to create pre-configured reports for the currently focused machine.

To generate a pre-defined report, click on the Report item from the main menu and select the report to generate from the list.


WMIX comes with a set of pre-configured reports:

  • General System Information Reports the system information of the target machine including: Operating System, Service Pack / Hot Fixes, Serial / Asset Tag information.
  • System Devices Reports the hardware devices that are connected on the target machine.
  • Hard Drive Information Reports the hard drive information of the target machine, including partition, logical drive information, and drive mappings.
  • Installed Software (MSI) Reports the installed software on the target machine (as reported by MSI).

However, you can pre-configure any reports to be available from the Reportmenu, see Report Manager.

Generating WMI reports for a set of machines

EV Reach's WMI Explorer can generate a report on a set of machines defined either by a target input file or by using the Group Management features of the Favorites panel.

  • To generate a report for a set of machines in the Favorites Panel, select the parent container, right click on the mouse and use the Report >  menu entries:


  • To generate a report using a target input file, use the Report Wizard.
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