EV Reach Remote Control Tools - Screen Activity and Performance

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

EV Reach RC includes a powerful feature that allows you to monitor the screen activity and performance counters of a group of machines, within a single customizable view. The Monitoring View is accessible as soon as you have more than one connection tab active. To select it:

  • Click on the Monitoring View button located on the right of the connection tabs:


  • Click on F2 shortcut key (this shortcut can be configured in Application > General Settings > User Interface)
  • Click on the Monitoring View button in the command bar:


Viewing Screen Activity

The monitoring view displays a session thumbnail for each connection tab active, whether a connection is live or disconnected:


When in Monitoring View, the Command Bar shows the Monitoring View Controls. Use these controls to add or remove performance counters or control the update speed of the live thumbnails and performance counters.


Managing your Thumbnails

  • Right-click within an empty area of the view to add a new view.
  • Right-click on an existing thumbnail or multiple selections of thumbnails to connect, disconnect or close them.
  • Drag, move and drop a thumbnail to re-arrange it.

Note: To select multiple thumbnails, press and hold the CTRL key during your selection, or draw a selection rectangle using the mouse cursor.

Switching to a Live View

The monitoring view only displays the screen activity of each connection without controlling the mouse or keyboard. To control the session, you need to switch back to its live view. You can do so by double-clicking on the desired thumbnail or pressing on the F2 key to return to the previously focused live view.

Viewing Performance Counters

Use the Monitoring View Controls in the command bar to enable or disable different performance counters. Performance counters have a refresh interval that is independent of the screen activity refresh interval.


The performance counters are displayed in a heat map format. Resources that are working harder will be displayed in a heavier color so they can be easily identified if there is an issue:


You can mouse over any performance counter for more information about that resource:


Tip: You can gather detailed performance and running tasks information for a remote machine by opening the EV Reach Task Manager. Right-click on the thumbnail to access this feature.

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