EV Reach Remote Control Tools - Power Options

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

The Power Options dashboard is an at-a-glance screen that provides a complete status of the workstation with added actions like reboot to safe mode and logging a user off.


Opening the Power Options Dashboard

Opening the Power Options Dashboard while in a remote control session

Go to the Tools tab in the Command Bar and click the Power Options drop-down button.


Opening the Power Options Dashboard from the favorites menu

Right-click any computer in your Favorites list and select Power Options.


Power Options Dashboard features


Power Status


The power status monitor shows the current power state and uptime of the computer. These states include

  • Powered On
  • Soft Power Off
  • Powered Off
  • Standby

Ping Status


The Ping status monitor displays the IP address and the ping return times

Client Status


The Client Status monitor shows the current state of the EV Reach Client

Intel vPro AMT Status


The AMT Status monitor shows the availability of the AMT chip. See Configuring EV Reach for Intel vPro for more information.

Logged In User


The Currently logged in user will be displayed here. If multiple users are logged in, the console user will be displayed as well as the number of active logon sessions.

Screen Status


The current status of the console will be displayed such as Lock Screen or User screen.

Power Controls

The Power Control buttons will change depending on the current status of the computer.

Power Button



The power button has three states. Power Off, Power On (AMT) or Wake on Lan. For more information about Power On (AMT) see Intel vPro Power Options.

Restart Menu


The Restart Menu contains several options for restarting a system. The standard Restart button will display options for letting the user abort the restart or scheduling the restart for later. A custom message can also be displayed during the countdown timer.


Restart to Safe Mode - EV Reach can restart a system into Safe Mode then re-establish the connection when safe mode is up.

Restart to BIOS (AMT) or Restart to ISO (AMT) - Reboot any Intel vPro enabled workstation to BIOS or ISO Image. See Configuring EV Reach for vPro for more information.

Logoff User Menu


The Logoff User control will allow you to log off any user logged in to the system This includes RDP based sessions and Citrix XenApp Sessions. See Managing Windows Auto Login for more information.

Control Windows Auto Admin Logon setting. Applying this setting will make Windows automatically log in to the specified account.


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