EV Reach Remote Control Tools - File Manager

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

The EV Reach File Manager is a tool available part of the remote control and the remote access software. It enables console operators to view, send and receive files from the remote file system with the EV Reach File Manager.

Opening the File Manager

While in a remote control session

Go to the Tools tab in the Command Bar and click the File Manager button.


From the favorites menu

Right-click any computer in your Favorites list and select File Manager.


From Administration & Diagnostics

While focused on a computer object.


Via the Tools area


Using the File Manager

Viewing Files

Use the main browser window to view the remote file system. Navigate folders and drives with the tree view or via the navigation bar.


Sending Files

To send the file to the remote file system, simply drag and drop files into the browser window.


Retrieving Files

To retrieve files from the remote file system, right-click the object and select Get Files or click the Get Files button:


Send/Receive Status

All file transfers will include a status of the operation. A detailed status is available when the transfer is complete.



Multiple Users

The file manager will display each user account that is logged in to the system. Switch to the desired user to see the of their mapped drives.


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