EV Reach Remote Control Tools - Command Line Arguments

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

Use EV Reach Remote Control command line arguments for scripting or use with other applications.

EV Reach arguments


Do not show the connection options and directly connect


Open an Observe Only connection


Open a connection and automatically disable remote user controls

-rctype: [INT]

Defines the protocol to use for that connection:

·         1 – GRC ·         2 – RDP ·         3 – VNC ·         4 – RCMD ·         5 – SSH ·         6 – KVMExample:

GoverRMC.exe mycomputer  -rctype:6 –noprompt

Where mycomputer is the IP address or computer name of the target.

-loadlayout: [FILEPATH]

Load the specified layout file


Start EV Reach Remote Control and make an RDP connection

GoverRMC.exe pjlab-7x86-1 -rctype:3 -noprompt

Start EV Reach Remote Control and make an SSH connection

GoverRMC.exe rctype:6 -noprompt

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