EV Reach Remote Control - Enabling VNC Protocol on Mac OSX or Linux

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

The EV Reach Remote Control module has the ability to remote control MacOS or Linux machines via the VNC protocol.

NOTE: The EV Reach Client Agent is currently only compatible with Windows OS and a MacOS/Linux compatible Reach Client Agent is on the road map for 2019.

Enable Desktop Sharing on Mac OS

Follow the directions in this guide to enable Screen Sharing on Mac OS

Here are screenshots of our Mac's local VNC setup for the latest OSX El Capitan:




Enable Desktop Sharing on Ubuntu Linux

NOTE: Find settings for your distribution of Linux.

See: How to Take Remote desktop from Windows to Ubuntu 13.04

Connect via EV Reach Remote Control

  • Launch EV Reach Remote Control
  • Click on the "More Options" button


  • Select "via VNC"


  • Click the "Logon Information" Tab
  • Select the "VNC Password" option and enter the password specified when configuring Desktop Sharing
  • Select "Remember Credentials" and EV Reach will remember the password specified
  • Click the "Connect" button to connect


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