EV Reach Remote Control - Enabling Stealth Mode

Last modified on 2024/01/09 15:55

A remote control session in Stealth Mode doesn't display any visual indicator on the client machine.

The client is unaware that a remote control session is taking place.

By default, this mode is disabled in EV Reach Remote Control. This article explains how to enable the Stealth Mode on one or more client machines.


The Stealth mode option is configured on a per-client-machine basis. It can either be turned ON or OFF. If turned ON, every remote control session initiated on that machine is in Stealth mode. You have four options for to configure this policy:

  1. The EV Reach GPO
  2. The EV Reach Server
  3. Direct Registry Modification (should be used for testing purposes only)
  4. EV Reach Process Automation

GPO Method

You can find the EV Reach administrative GPO template in C:\Program Files\EV Reach Console 9\GPO Templates.

You can import the ADMX files for domain controllers that are Server 2008 and above.

The GPO that you create must be linked to the OU that your user workstations and tech workstations are a member of. Once you have the administrative template installed, create a GPO and configure the following setting: Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > EV Reach Global Policies > Remote Control Client Settings > Do Not Display Visual Notification


EV Reach Server Method

After Installing and Advertising your EV Reach Server, Click the Global Policies tab, then drag the Remote Control Client Side Configuration policy to the Policies section:



For information on how to configure a policy, see: EV Reach Global Policy Management.

Direct Registry Modification

Use this method to test the hiding of the notification or if you cannot use the EV Reach Server or GPO methods.

Add the following registry key and value to the target machine:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\EV Reach Inc\Global Policies\GRMS DWORD VALUE: NoVisualNotification Set NoVisualNotification to one of the following: In this case, set the value to 1

0 => Display visual notification (default) 1 => Do not display visual notification

Using a EV Reach Process Automation or Custom Action to configure Stealth Mode

Use a Process Automation if you need to configure the No Visual Notification Flag on a group of machines.

Use a Custom Action if you need to configure the No Visual Notification flag on a per-needed / per-machine basis.

  1. Open EV Reach.
  2. Select the Process Automation Module. Create a new automation object, define its name and scope (the list of computers to process) and go to the Actions definition step. or Right-click on the Custom Actions node of any computer and select Add Custom Action.
  3. Double click on the Add New icon in the main view to create a new Action Module.
  4. Under Execute the following Actions, select Add / Remove > Execute  > EV Reach Agents > Set RMC Client Settings
  5. Under the argument window of the Set RMC Client Settings action, set the following parameters:


Note: The important settings are: Pre Action (set to 1 for No Action) / Post Action (set to 1 for No Action) and No Visual Notification (set to TRUE)

  1. Complete your Process Automation or Custom Action object and run it.
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