EV Reach Remote Control - Enabling Curtain Mode

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Curtain Mode provides the ability to hide the console desktop on the remote screen while the operator remote controls it. This allows the operator to work on the desktop in a secure manner while the remote screen is blocked from public view. Curtain Mode is particularly useful when working on public kiosks or external displays.


Curtain Mode Types

There are several types of Curtain Modes that can be applied to remote systems.

Default EV Reach Curtain Screen

The EV Reach default Curtain Mode screen displays a generic maintenance message while the operator works on the actual desktop.


The center logo and text of this screen can be customized globally using the Client Side Text and Logo Customization policies.

Full Screen Static Image

For further customization and branding, a full screen image can be used as a curtain screen.


The image will be scaled to the resolution of the display device while keeping the aspect ratio. Any screen area not covered by the image will be filled with a configurable color.

Web Page Content

For best experience, you can redirect the Curtain Mode screen to an internal web page. A web page with a responsive designs are best suited to accommodate different screen size and orientations.

Note: This mode is only supported on Windows 8.1 and higher.

Configuring the Curtain Mode

The Curtain Mode screen format can be configured using any of the following methods:

  • EV Reach Server Policy (central configuration)
  • EV Reach GPO Template (central configuration)
  • EV Reach Agent Manager (targeted configuration)
  • EV Reach Process Automation (targeted configuration)

Using EV Reach Server Policies

See the EV Reach Server.


  • These Policies are included in EV Reach Server version 3.01.24 and up.
  • If you already have a Remote-Control Client-Side Configuration policy on your server, you will need to delete it and re-add the policy to include the new settings below.

Setting the Curtain Screen Format

Open the following policy set: Remote Control Client-Side Configuration, and select the Curtain Mode Config category.


  • Curtain Mode Config – Type
    • 0 - Sets the default EV Reach Curtain Screen (The image on this screen can be changed)
    • 1 - Displays a full screen static image
    • 2 - Display the content of a web page (Windows 8.1 and up)
  • Curtain Mode Config – Web URL
    • Enter URL of the website that displayed when Curtain Mode is active.
  • Curtain Mode Config – Full Screen Static Image
    • Specify the file path in UNC format (\\MyServer\MyShare\GovCurtainScreen.png)
    • Note: Use the Full Screen Static Image Background Color policy to define the image backdrop color.
  • Curtain Mode Config – Default Background color
    • Select the color to display for any area that is not covered by the Full Screen Static Image.

Customizing the Default Screen Text and Logo

Open the following policy set: Client-Side Text Customization, and select the RC - Curtain Screen category.


  • Remote Control: Curtain Default Screen: Main Text
    • Text which appears in the center of the DEFAULT EV Reach curtain screen
  • Remote Control: Curtain Default Screen: Sub Text
    • Sub-Text which appears in the center of the DEFAULT EV Reach curtain screen

To configure a custom logo, open the following policy set: Client-Side Logo Customization


Setting Restrictions on the Curtain Mode Feature

Open the following policy set: Operator Restriction Policies, and select the Remote Control category.

Operator Restriction Policies allow admins to disable the ability to enable or disable curtain mode.


Using the EV Reach GPO Template

If you are using the EV Reach Group Policy Template, you will need to update the template to reflect the new policy options for Curtain Mode.

See: Global EV Reach Configurations via GPO.

Remote Control Client-Side Configuration


Note: The Curtain Mode Color Config must be entered as a Hexadecimal color code.

Client-Side Remote Text Customization


Client-Side Logo Customization


Operator Side Feature Restriction


Using the EV Reach Agent Manager

The EV Reach Agent Manager allows you to push pre-session action behavior for Curtain Mode or to generate an agent with this setting built in.

For more information see The EV Reach Agent Manager.


Using a EV Reach Process Automation

Use the following Process Automation to enforce curtain mode on your systems.

In your action module, click Add/Remove --> Execute --> EV Reach Agents --> Set RMC Client Settings

See: Process Automation Overview.


Set type to 6 to automatically activate Curtain mode when connecting to a remote machine.

Activating the Curtain Mode

To enable Curtain Mode before a remote-control session begins, check “Enable Curtain Mode” on the Remote-Control Connection screen.


To enable Curtain Mode during a remote-control session, go to the Controls Tab, Session Controls --> Enable Curtain Mode.


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