EV Reach Remote Control - Detecting Workstations With fastConnect

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EV Reach can detect the logged-in workstations of your users in real-time. A great feature for remote it support. It finds your end user's machines quickly, without prompting the remote user for the information.

fastConnect Prerequisites

The detection of logged-in workstations may not work upon initial installation of EV Reach. This is normal as it has the following prerequisites:

  1. Implement a EV Reach Server and advertise it on your network
  2. Install the EV Reach Client Agents on your users' machines

I have installed the above requisites, now what?

Once the EV Reach Server is advertised, the client agent will begin to build the information necessary for the detection of logged-in workstations. You should be able to detect the logged-in workstations of your users as soon as the agents are on the user's machines.

If EV Reach still doesn't detect your user's logged-in workstations, check the following:

  • Confirm that the EV Reach Server is active and properly advertised to user's machines and the EV Reach operators' machines.
  • Confirm that the EV Reach Agents have been installed on the user's machine after exposing the EV Reach Server. If the agents were installed before the EV Reach Server, you must wait for them to detect it, or restart the EV Reach Client Agent service for immediate detection.

What if I cannot install a EV Reach Server?

The detection of logged-in workstation may still work without a EV Reach Server if:

  • Your Active Directory user accounts are configured with a roaming profile
  • The EV Reach operators have read-access to the users' roaming profile directory.

Note: If your users are configured with a roaming profile which points to a DFS share, you must turn on Enable DFS shares detection in the Administration & Diagnostics section of the  EV Reach Settings.

Using fastConnect To Query User's Machines

Administration & Diagnostic Feature

You can query the logged-in devices of your Active Directory users in the Administration & Diagnostic feature of the EV Reach Operator console.

To do so, select the Users tab and open the desired Active Directory container. Select or search for the desired user account then double-click on the Logged-in Workstations icon. Once the logged-in workstations are displayed, you can also expand on any one of them and select the type of information needed. A set of features are also available through the context sensitive menu.


Manually adding a computer to a user

If the automatic detection of logged-in computers cannot be used, you can manually assign a computer to a user account.

To do so, select the Logged-in Workstations icon of a user, right click on the mouse and select Manually insert a computer to user... This feature can also be activated by pressing the [Insert] key from the keyboard.


  • Enter the computer name or IP address
  • Enable Remember this computer for this user if you wish to make the information persistent
  • Click on View / Modify cache to manage existing cached entries
  • click on OK.

Note: The Machine Cache is stored in XML format in a file called GovUMACcache.dat located in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\EV Reach Inc directory of your profile.

Remote Control Feature

You can also use the fastConnect feature to quickly discover the machines of a user and initiate a remote control session.

In the Connect window, select the User type:


Enter the name of a partial name with a wild card in the Connect to field:


EV Reach then presents you with the discovered logged-in devices for this user:


Select the machines to access and click on Connect.

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