EV Reach Console - Incident Management - Managing Incident Information

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

You can perform a limited set of actions on an incident by selecting it and right-clicking on it:

Refresh IncidentRefresh incident information
Open in browserOpen the incident in the native service desk provider client portal.
Assign to meAssign the incident to the currently signed-in operator
Unassign ticketReset the incident’s assignment
New…Create a new Incident
< more options >Additional parameters can be quickly set via the context menu such as the State, or Priority. However, these are provider dependent.

To disclose the extended set of modifiable properties, click on the < more options > item.


To access additional properties, you must open the Incident Detail View. Accessing the properties of the incident can be done in several ways:

  • Double-click the incident
  • Select the incident and click on View case details in the ribbon bar
  • Select one or more incidents, right-click on the selection and select Open incident, or Open in new window

The incident details will open in a separate tab or window.

Incident Details

Incident details are opened in a separate tab or window. The tab of open incident reflects the state of the incident:

Tab Color Code

BlueNew Incident
FuchsiaIn Progress
OrangeOn Hold
GreyClose / Rejected / Cancelled

Bridge to Native Interface

The incident detail page only shows a snapshot of the incident information and its primary controls. Click on the incident Ticket ID link to access the native service desk incident page:


Modifying the Incident

The Main Title and Description fields are modifiable. Upon modifying their contents, an Apply Now button will appear:


Click on it to apply your changes. To cancel any pending changes, click on the Reload button in the ribbon bar.

Fields that are modifiable are displayed as a link. Click on the link to view and select the desired option. For example, to change the Urgency attribute, click on its current value and choose a new option:


Creating a new Incident

To create a new incident, click on the New Incident button in the ribbon bar.


Enter the prompted information and click on Create. The amount of information required is dependent on the service desk provider.

Once the ticket created, the Incident Detail window will open to finalize the configuration of the new case.

Some service desk providers have a cache system which may require a refresh for the new ticket to be visible in the main Incident List View. If you do not see the newly created ticket in the main view, wait one minute and reload the list.

Closing an Incident

To close an incident, click on the Status link and select the desired closed state:


The available states are dependent on the service desk provider. Some providers require additional information before you can set the status of an incident to a closed state. For instance, ServiceNow requires a Resolution Code and a Resolution Comment to be configured prior to setting the Status to Resolved or Closed.

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