EV Reach Console - Incident Management - FreshService Integration

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

FreshService easily integrates with EV Reach within seconds to combine incident management with problem resolution.

Once integrated, you will be able to access, manage and work on your FreshService tickets directly from within EV Reach and quickly resolve issues. Upon working on a ticket, the full transcript of EV Reach actions is automatically registered in the incident record for accountability, auditing and knowledge building.

FreshService Integration with EV Reach Remote Support

You do not need to modify your FreshService configuration or install a FreshService extension, the integration happens within EV Reach. Open the EV Reach General Settings, select the Incident Management category and select the FreshService provider from the list:


Provide the following information:

Provider web service URLEnter the web address of your FreshService company instance.

E.g.:  https://myCompany.FreshService.com

Operator Console URLThis optional setting accepts a FreshService web address that you wish to configure as the default location to go to, when clicking on the FreshService icon within EV Reach:


This is a convenient way to quickly access your favorite dashboard or area within your service desk portal.

If you leave this blank, the Provider web service URL is used by default.

Email AddressYour FreshService web portal user identifier
API Token or PasswordYour FreshService user password or API Token.

Please refer to your product documentation for further instruction on API Tokens.

Max rows per queryThe maximum number of incidents returned by FreshService when placing a query. Keeping this setting low improves performance and responsiveness.

Once the settings have been entered, click on the Test Connection button to validate the configuration.

FreshService Incident Management via EV Reach Remote Support

Once EV Reach is integrated with FreshService, you will be able to perform the following actions:

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