EV Reach Console - Incident Management - Enabling Automation Integrations

Last modified on 2024/01/09 15:57

To enable the EV Reach incident management automation integrations, use one of these two methods:

Direct Configuration in the Reach Console

  1. Open the EV Reach Console
  2. Click on Application > General Settings
  3. Select the Incident Management section
  4. Click on the main selector, and choose your provider


Once you selected the provider, complete the information requested.

Use a EV Reach Server policy

  1. Log in to your EV Reach Server
  2. Click the Global Policy Tab
  3. Drag the Incident Management Configuration policy to your policy scope to activate it.
  4. Configure the fields required for your IMA integration provider

This policy will also allow administrators to configure the Incident State Mappings on a global level.

See Find out more.


Note: Agents will still need to provide login credentials at their individual consoles settings as stated in the Direct Configuration setting above.

See Find out more:

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