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If multiple operators are using EV Reach, they should be configured for Team Collaboration. Team Collaboration allows for the following:

  • Sharing of inventory information – EV Reach stores system information in a database backend so that it can still be queried if the system is offline. In Team Collaboration, inventory information is shared to improve performance and data availability.
  • Sharing of EV Reach objects – When Team Collaboration is active, one administrator can share or enforce different EV Reach configuration objects (e.g., software packages, scripts, etc.) with the rest of the team.

Enabling Team Collaboration

To enable Team Collaboration, simply configure all operators to the same database (See Database Configuration – Operator Side).

Sharing or Enforcing Objects to the Team

Once Team Collaboration is enabled, you will be able to publish, share or enforce EV Reach configuration objects with your team. Whenever you configure a Team compatible object, you will see the Team options in the user interface.

For instance, while configuring a Software Installation Package, you can right click on it to access the Team Collaboration menu:


Enforce on my team: Forcefully shares the object with your team, locks the object that can only be edited by the admin who enforced it and auto-appears on the EV Reach users Object Manager.

Share with my team: Shares the object with your team and auto-appears on the EV Reach users Object Manager. The shared object is not locked and can also be edited by anyone on the team.

Make available to my team: Shares the object to the Published Objects section that can be accessed and imported by a team member. These objects do not auto-appear and will only show in the EV Reach Object Manager when imported.

View available objects for my team: This is to access the Published Object section where other team members have made their objects available via the "Make available to my team" button.

The following configuration objects can be published, shared or enforced by a team:

  • Software Packages
  • Script Packages
  • External Controls
  • Custom Actions
  • IT Process Automation's (Only supports the "Make Available to my team" option.)

Sharing Process Automations

Process Automations can be imported to the database so other EV Reach Users may download a copy.

Right Click any Process Automation and select "Team --> Publish copy to my team" save a copy in the database.


Browse all saved objects by clicking the "Add New --> Add Team Copy" to import a Process Automation.


See Find out more

Sharing Favorite Devices

In addition to configuration objects, EV Reach also provides a Shared Favorites section when browsing for favorite devices. Favorite Devices are available in the Administration & Diagnostic feature, the EV Reach Remote Control feature, and WMIX.

Any configuration made to the Shared Favorites section is automatically pushed to the team.

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