EV Reach Client Agent - Troubleshootings

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02

This article is a troubleshooting guide for communication between the EV Reach Console and the EV Reach Agent as well as the errors:

  • Error 1232: "The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help."
  • Error 53: "The network path was not found."


The diagram below demonstrates how EV Reach Console communicates with the EV Reach Agent via the default Port 22000 for EV Reach v9 & v10.


Check 1 - Ping Test

Open a command prompt on A and ping machine B by:

  1. IP address (Example. ping If this test fails, then the machine is either disconnected from the network or behind a firewall which doesn't allow pings.If this test is successful you should get replies from the ping as shown below. Proceed to step 2.


2. DNS(FQDN) name (Example. ping TechPC1.mydomain.com) If this test fails, check your WINS and/or DNS Server Settings under your Network Connection TCP/IP Advanced properties. They should point to valid servers which are aware of the remote machine.If this test is successful you should get replies from the ping as shown below. Proceed to step 3.


3. NetBIOS/LLMNR name (Example. ping TechPC1)For more information on LLMNR, see this Technet Blog.If the test fails but your machine is pingable by IP address and FQDN, proceed to step 3a.If this test is successful but you get a different IP address from step 2, flush your DNS cache (ipconfig /flushdns) or check your DNS server for outdated DNS entries.Otherwise, you should get replies from the ping as shown below. Proceed to Check 2.


3a. If you are using EV Reach to query information on a machine which belongs to another Active Directory domain than the domain your machine belongs to, EV Reach may fail with the error 1232 or 53. For instance, if your machine belongs to the Active Directory domain: Division1.mycorp.com, and you open the computer container of the Active Directory domain: Division2.mycorp.com, the list of computers is displayed, however querying information on a machine may return error 1232 or 53. This is because EV Reach uses the NetBIOS name format of the machine to query information and your local computer cannot find it under its own domain.

To remedy this particular problem:

  1. Open the Network Connection Properties window of your primary network adapter.
  2. Open the Properties window of the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item.
  3. Click on the Advanced button.
  4. Select the DNS tab.
  5. Check the radio button named: 'Append these DNS suffixes (in order):'
  6. Underneath this option, click on the Add... button and enter the DNS suffix of your domain (for instance: division1.mycorp.com), click Add.
  7. Repeat the previous step and add the DNS suffixes of the other Active Directory domains you will need to administer using EV Reach.
  8. Click on OK, OK, and OK.
  9. Try to use EV Reach again.

Check 2 - Telnet Test

Note: You must enable Telnet Client via Windows Programs and Features or have an application with Telnet ability.

  1. Open a command prompt and perform a telnet test from A to B including the EV Reach Agent port. (Example telnet 22000) EV Reach v9 & v10 Agents. If the test is successful you should get a blank screen with a CMD titled with the IP address and a cursor as shown below.


If the test fails you will get the below error message and must check the client machine for Windows Firewall blocking the port. See this KBA on Configuring Windows Firewall for the EV Reach Agent port.


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