EV Reach Client Agent - Pushing to a Custom Path

Last modified on 2023/07/12 14:02


By default, EV Reach agents can be pushed to a Windows system that has the C$ admin share available. Some organizations may disable this share path and replace it with a custom share name.

EV Reach Consoles can be configured to push agents to a custom path by using the EV Reach Server 2.01.09 and later or the EV Reach GPO Admin Template shipped with EV Reach 8.50.19 or later.


Change the following EV Reach Server policy to configure the custom share name. The EV Reach Admin Template will follow the same path.

EV Reach Server - Client > EV Reach Agents --> Custom System Drive Sharename GPO - EV Reach Universal Settings --> EV Reach Agents --> Custom System Drive Sharename



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