EV Reach Client Agent - Deploying

Last modified on 2023/08/07 10:12

Once the EV Reach Server is configured, started and advertised, EV Reach Services on any machine will be available as long as it is running the EV Reach Client Agent.

The EV Reach Client Agent is a secure, low-footprint, un-intrusive and stable agent that can be started on-demand or installed as a service when unattended system access is needed. Use the following instructions to push the EV Reach Client Agent as a service on remote machines.

Pre-installing Agents on a Site

Pre-installing agents are required when configuring a remote client site with Reach Services. For private corporate networks, this is optional as the EV Reach software can remotely maintain the agents on an as needed basis.

To pre-install the EV Reach Client Agents within a site, use the EV Reach Agent Manager that can be found in the Application menu of any EV Reach software, including the EV Reach Server:


Configure a set of machines to process by selecting an Active Directory Domain, an IP range or individual machines.

Select all machines within the view and click on Install/Update Agents.



Installing the Agent on Off-Site Machines

Once the EV Reach Gateway Services have been configured and started, any machine can be remotely accessed over the internet if configured for your Reach Authority. This is done by sending an Assistance Instruction email to a remote user to have them start the Reach Client.

This process can also be used to install the Reach Client as a service enabling unattended remote management services to that node:

  1. Open any EV Reach Operator software such as the EV Reach Remote Control
  2. Click on On-Demand EV Reach tab that is under My Devices on the left column of the Console, click Send Request then select Generate a client email.


    Confirm that Enable Permanent Install Mode is activated before generating your client email
  3. Send the email to the remote user

Once the remote user receives the email and runs the downloaded executable, the user will be prompted to choose an execution mode. Instruct the remote user to enable the Authorize Permanent Access option then click on the Provide Unattended Access button.


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