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Last modified on 2023/09/28 16:51

The xSession refers to the Synthetic Monitoring session.

  • It is launched at the start of the Windows session.
  • After connecting to the local service and communicating with the main Console, the connection service status changes from Waiting to Component created.
  • When the xSession is launched, a dedicated icon is added to the Windows Systray (the System tray, the area to the right of the taskbar containing icons and the clock). The user can then open the Scripts Manager tool from this icon and access certain menus.


  • The Systray icon status depends on the connection to the local service in the case of a parent machine, or to the remote service in the case of a child machine.
  • When the Windows session is locked, it is automatically unlocked when a scenario is running.


  • By default, the xSession is locked after 15 seconds of inactivity. Changing the lock time may result in delays or an overload of information processing.

Systray icon and menu

The Systray icon

          Systray icon bar.png

  • When the xSession is connected, the Systray icon is green Systray icon - Synthetic Monitoring - xSession on.png, otherwise it is red Systray icon - Synthetic Monitoring - xSession off.png.

The Systray contextual menu

Access: Right-click to the Systray icon Systray icon - Synthetic Monitoring - xSession on.png

          Systray contextual menu.png


  • Hide/Show Server Machine: Used to check the connections between components and machines, as well as the flow of messages.
  • Show/Hide Console / Scheduler / Script Manager / Recorder: Shortcuts to open the relevant components.
  • Jobs Log: Used to add additional information for Jobs.
  • AutoLock Session: If checked, the xSession is automatically locked and mouse and keyboard events are blocked after 15 seconds of inactivity (default time).
  • Lock Session.
  • End Session Immediat: Used to close the xSession immediatly. On XP, the session automatically closes if scenarios are programmed.
  • Stop/Rerun JobQ (XXX): Used to indicate the status of the Job queue (running = Stop JobQ, stopped = Rerun JobQ). The number in brackets shows the number of scripts pending in the queue.

xSession properties



How to unlock the xSession

  The user session must not be closed and waiting for the next scenario execution. 

1. Press <ESCAPE>.

2. Enter the xSession password defined during installation. Then press <ENTER> to confirm.

How to modify the lock time of the xSession

   Changing the lock time may result in delays or an overload of information processing.

1. Go to the C:\ProgramData directory for Vista/7, or C:\All Users\Application Data for Windows XP.

2. Search for the <Version.Subversion>\WCFMachines\MACHINEKEY\ key.

3. Update the IntervalTimer property (in milliseconds).

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