EV Observe - Synthetic Monitoring Module - Scripts Manager Tool User Interface

Last modified on 2023/09/28 16:58

The Scripts Manager tool includes all of the features of the Synthetic Monitoring module.

The screen is made up of three zones:

          Scripts Manager GUI.png

Description of the screen

Menu bar

The menu bar allows to access the Scripts Manager tools:

When an option is selected in the menu bar, sub-menus appear on the lower menu bar.
         Lower menu bar.png

Tree structure

The left panel displays a tree structure used to access:

  • Machines when the Console menu is selected.
             Machine tree.png
  • Actions related to scenarios when the Scripts menu is selected and a scenario loaded.
             Scenario action tree.png

Contextual properties

The right panel displays the properties of the selected machine or action.

When a scenario is loaded, the panel also displays action-by-action scenario in PowerPoint-style thumbnails.
         Scenario contextual properties.png

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