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The Recorder is in charge to record scenarios and generate executable files that can be replayed by the Player.

It is accessible from the Recorder menu of the Scripts Manager tool or directly via the Systray.

Operating principle

Three different techniques are used by the Recorder to recognize changes in the graphical interface:

  • Objects in the Windows view: During recording, if the search of objects is activated, the Recorder will search in real-time for Windows objects as they appear (visible or non-visible) and build a hierarchy of objects.
    • When the scenario is replayed, the Player will track user actions such as keyboard inputs and mouse movements, as well as the presence or absence of Windows objects in the recording.
    • The Player will perform an action, such as a double-click on an area or a keyboard input, only if the hierarchy of objects observed in real-time is the same as during recording (reference hierarchy).
  • Screenshots taken during recording: If the search of images is activated, the Player will wait for the reference image to display on the graphical interface before continuing.
  • Character strings (OCR).

The three techniques can be used at the same time or completely separately.


  • Be sure that the environment in which the scenario was saved is the same as the one it will be run. The environment includes the following items:
    • The operating system.
    • The operating system language.
    • The screen resolution.
    • Color depth.

Description of the screen


  • The Recorder components:
    • The left panel displays the list of components that are part of the Synthetic Monitoring module. It includes scripts and executables.
    • The right panel displays the properties of the component you select in the left panel: Recorder, Scripts, Executables.
  • Action buttons:
    • Properties: Access to the Recorder properties.
    • New: Allows to create a new script.
    • Start: Start recording a scenario.

Recorder properties

  • Actions:
    • MouseMoveDetails_Rec: Record the movements of the mouse in the scenario.
    • TrackingObjects_Rec: Register Windows objects in the scenario.
  • Behavior:
    • KeyMenuCode_Rec: Function key to stop the Recorder (F8, by default).
    • VisualStudioExpressPath: Path to access the Visual Basic executable.

         This field is necessary in order to run the Recorder.

    • KeyShowRecorder: Key function used to put in the foreground the Recorder/Player.
  • OCR Capture:
    • OCR_IsActive: Indicates if the OCR function is enabled.

   The OCR function is activated during the installation of the SharePoint Designer 2007 software  - Open url.png voir Requirement installation

Script properties

The default properties for the Scripts component list all the default settings that the Recorder will transmit to the scenarios.

Procedure: How to start the Recorder from the Systray

1. Right-click on the Systray icon Systray icon - Synthetic Monitoring - xSession on.png.

          Systray icon bar.png

2. Select the Show Recorder option in the menu.

The Recorder window will appear.

   Make sure you have activated the Recorder tab in the Console. Otherwise it will not start.

          Recorder from Systray.png

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