EV Observe - Synthetic Monitoring Module - Player

Last modified on 2023/09/28 17:00

The Player is in charge to replay scenarios recorded by the Recorder.

Description of the screen

It is composed of five areas:

  • (1) List of objects.
  • (2) Scenario properties.
  • (3) List of actions.
  • (4) Details of the selected action.
  • (5) View of the selected action GUI.


Properties of an image action

          Player - Properties of an image action.png

  • Icons to add/remove/move an image.
  • Images Expected (IN): Saved images (one with focus and one without).
  • Images Found (OUT): Images detected by the algorithm of pattern recognition with rate of accuracy.
  • Image Select: Image selection area.
    • By default, 300 pixels.
  • Image properties:
    • Line: Number of the line in the code.
    • ImageID: Identifier of the image.
    • TimeOut: Waiting time (in milliseconds) to search for the image before going to error.
    • ScanAreaPixel: Size of the search area of the image.
      • By default, 300 pixels.
    • Precision: Precision minimum requested to accept the image.
      • By default, 90.
      • 100 indicates that the shape of the selected image is identical to the original image.
    • Action Type: Type of action associated with the current image.
    • UserWaitRec: Waiting time (in milliseconds) to run the next line.
  • Action buttons:
    • Continue the Script: Continue the script in order of actions.
    • Replay From: Start the script from a specific action.
    • Stop the Script: Stop execution of the script.
    • Show Record Window: Display the Recorder to add, insert lines or the subroutines.
    • Skip the Action: Move on to the next action.
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