EV Observe - Synthetic Monitoring Module - Installation Overview

Last modified on 2023/09/28 16:53

Organization of the machines

The organization of the machines in the Synthetic Monitoring module is based on a hierarchy of levels.

  • Each machine depends on a set of parent machines (higher level) and possibly child machines (lower level).
  • At the top of the hierarchy is a Master machine, named M1, which can see all of the machines.

          Machine organization.png

Naming for machines:

  • M1: Master machine
  • M1-1, M1-2, etc.: Child machines of the M1 machine


  • The M1 machine sees all of the machines.
  • The M1-1 machine sees machines M1-1-1 and M1-1-2.
  • The M1-3 machine sees M1-3-1.


  • A database is installed on the network.
  • The Console is present on the Master machine.
  • Agents are installed on remote machines.

         Load test feature architecture.png

Implementation on machines

Components of machines and servers:

  • A Windows xWCF service is running on each machine hosting Synthetic Monitoring components.
    • It is the link between different machines regardless of their roles.
    • It ensures the transfer of messages between machines.
    • It runs Windows automatic logon when scenarios must be played (only for XP).
  • The xSession (the Synthetic Monitoring Session) is launched automatically when the Windows session is opened.
    • It controls the GUI, keyboard and mouse of the Windows session.
    • It blocks access to the machine if there is no activity.
    • It acts as a link between other components and the xSession service.
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