EV Observe - Operate Data - Overview

Last modified on 2022/08/11 19:14


Operate data is used to display and monitor the service health indicators of the information system using dependency charts, and in the event of alerts, run an analysis and perform corrective actions.
        Dependency graph.png

  • User services: These are used to monitor the state of the IS using macro-indicators with aggregated data from different hosts and controls that enable a given service to run smoothly, e.g. Internet access, software availability, etc.
  • Preventive maintenance: This tool is used to exclude false positives by informing the alert system when maintenance operations are scheduled to run so that this unavailability is ignored. This prevents the saturation of dashboards and the triggering of excessive alert notifications, and improves accuracy in SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculations.
  • Creation of incidents in an ITSM solution such as Service Manager) in any dashboard: This tool is used to create an incident for an alert using preloaded fields, and to monitor its progress in real time in the monitoring window.
  • Mobile application: This is used to view the state of IT assets in real time and perform actions on ticket acknowledgment and alerts.
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