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Last modified on 2024/02/26 16:28

EV Observe - Widget - User services icon.png This type of widget is used to display the status of user services in the IT infrastructure.

  • The current operating state of each user service is indicated by an IT weather icon and a color.



  • Provide an overview of the main trends, including in environments with numerous applications and services
  • Share the status of the main services via the Minimize view of the report with key users and customers

Display user services within the internal infrastructure
       Widget User services - Example.png

List of properties

          Widget User services - Configuration.png

Table: List of visible user services based on the filters applied to the company and tags.

Widget toolbar

Widget header

          Toolbar - Top widget.png

  • Full screen icon.png Full screen: Used to display the widget in full screen mode, e.g. on a flat-screen TV.
    • Click Full screen icon.png Quit full screen at the top right or press the <Esc> key on your keyboard to return to the normal display.
  • Minimize view: This view is used to restrict the information displayed, i.e. name, status, comments.
           Minimize view.png
  • Maximize view: This view displays all of the columns selected from the list Show hide columns icon.png in the widget footer.
           Maximize view.png

Widget footer

          Toolbar - Bottom widget.png

  • Browse through pages using Previous icon.png and Next icon.png
  • Show hide columns icon.png Show/Hide columns: Used to display the list of columns available for the widget.
    • Click next to one of the columns to show or hide it.
  • Number of rows to be displayed in the table, using the drop-down list
  • Select the period for calculating the availability rate from the drop-down list (Note: By default, it is the current month)

Functionalities of the table

  • Data for the current company or one of its sites is displayed. Data is restricted to the site to which the user belongs, as well as the user's sites and subsites.
  • The data displayed is from the Monitoring > IT Weather menu.
  • You can click one of the column headers to sort the rows in the report.
    • A horizontal line will appear above the header of the selected column.
             Widget User services - Order columns.png
  • You can click one of the user services to display its details in a popup window.
    Note: The data displayed is from the Details form of the user service.
           Widget User services - Example - Detail.png
  • You can click the IT weather icon to view the dependency tree.
           Widget User services - Example - Relation tree.png
  • You can hover over the icon to view the comments.
           Widget User services - Example - Comment.png

Procedure: How to configure the widget

Step 1: Add the widget to the Dataviz

1. Click and drag the User Services widget to the workspace in the graphic editor.

2. (optional) Unselect the Allow Extended View option if you want the widget to only display the Minimize view.

3. Select the user services you want to display in the Dataviz.

  • Note: Subscriptions to cloud user services defined at a higher level will appear.

Best Practice icon.png  

  • Use Company icon.png and Children company icon.png to filter user services for the current company or child companies.
  • Use the search fields to filter user services by category and by name.

The selected user services and their current operating state will appear.

Step 2: Configure the widget

1. Go to the Details form of a user service by clicking its name.

2. You can modify the configuration of the user service and display the dependency tree.

Step 3: Customize the widget


     Open url.png See the detailed procedures

1. You can modify the widget title and add an image to the header.

2. You can resize and move the widget.

3. You can click Tools icon.png in the widget title bar and select Edit from the contextual menu.

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