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EV Observe - Widget - Status list icon.png This type of widget is used to display the list of statuses for IT asset configuration items (CIs).



  • Display several lists in a given Dataviz so that users can identify warnings for a customer scope or for critical hosts, as well as warnings related to the internal infrastructure
  • Perform extensive multi-site monitoring on a single screen

List of statuses displayed for services associated with a Box
         Widget Status list - Example.png


  • This widget is based on a reporting that is built using the Status List template. You configure the reporting scope in the Configuration > Reporting menu.

List of properties

          Widget Status list - Configuration.png

Table: List of reportings that is built using the Status List template.

  • Click Edit icon.png to modify the widget scope.
    Note : The data displayed is from the reporting configuration in the Configuration > Reporting menu.

Widget toolbar

Widget header

          Toolbar - Top widget.png

  • Full screen icon.png Full screen: Used to display the widget in full screen mode, e.g. on a flat-screen TV.
    • Click Full screen icon.png Quit full screen at the top right or press the <Esc> key on your keyboard to return to the normal display.

Widget footer

          Toolbar - Bottom widget.png

  • Browse through pages using Previous icon.png and Next icon.png
  • Show hide columns icon.png Show/Hide columns: Used to display the list of columns available in the widget.
    • Click next to one of the columns to show or hide it.
    • By default, the Ticket column is hidden.
  • Number of rows to be displayed in the table, using the drop-down list

Functionalities of the table

  • You can click one of the column headers to sort the rows in the report.
    • A horizontal line will appear above the header of the selected column.
               Widget Status list - Order columns.png
    • The Tags column cannot be used to sort rows.
    • You can click and press <Shift> to select two or more columns to sort using multiple columns
  • You can click one of the CIs to display its details in a popup window.
    Note: The data displayed is from the Details form of the CI (host / service).
             Widget Status list - Example - Detail.png
  • You can click the Last Check date of a service to run it immediately.
             Widget Status list - Refresh control.png
  • You can click a status that is not OK to acknowledge or create a ticket.
             Widget Status list - Acknowledge or create ticket.png
  • You can click the Detail metric icon.png icon to open a chart displaying the details of the metric with its warning and critical thresholds.
             Widget Status list - Detail metric.png

Procedure: How to configure the widget

Step 1: Configure the reportings displaying lists of statuses for IT asset CIs

1. Select Configuration > Reporting in the menu.

2. Create or modify a Widget type reporting built using the Status List template.

3. Configure the reporting scope by specifying information in the different tabs. Open url.png See the description

          Widget Status list - Configuration Status list template.png

4. Repeat the same operations for each status list you want to display in your Dataviz.

Step 2: Add the widget to the Dataviz

1. Click and drag the Status List widget to the workspace in the graphic editor.

All reportings built using the Status List template will be displayed.

Best Practice icon.png  You can modify the configuration of a reporting scope via Edit icon.png.

2. Select the reporting you want to display in the Dataviz.

  • If the Dataviz is in public mode, only the reportings whose visibility is public will be displayed.
  • If the Dataviz is in private mode, all reportings whose visibility is both public and private will be displayed.

Best Practice icon.png  

  • Use Company icon.png and Children company icon.png to filter reportings for the current company or child companies.
  • Use the search field at the top of the table to filter reportings by title.

3. Click Validate.

The list of statuses configured using the selected reporting will appear.

Step 3: Customize the widget


     Open url.png See the detailed procedures

1. You can modify the widget title and add an image to the header.

2. You can resize and move the widget.

3. You can click Tools icon.png in the widget title bar and select Edit from the contextual menu.

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