EV Observe - Image Widget

Last modified on 2023/03/23 12:22

EV Observe - Widget - Image icon.png This type of widget is used to display an image.


  • Display an app logo or customer logo to improve the readability of the Dataviz
  • Highlight application monitoring performance

          Widget Image - Example.png


  • You cannot define the layout of the image.
  • Supported formats are png, jpg and gif.
  • The image will be integrated in responsive mode. It will automatically be resized when the widget is resized.

List of properties

URL of the image to display: URL of the image to be displayed in the Dataviz if sourced from an external website.

Procedure: How to configure the widget

Step 1: Add the widget to the Dataviz

1. Click and drag the Image widget to the workspace in the graphic editor.

2. Specify the URL of the image you want.

3. Click Apply.

Step 2: Customize the widget


     Open url.png See the detailed procedures

1. You can modify the widget title and add an image to the header.

2. You can resize and move the widget.

3. You can click Tools icon.png in the widget title bar and select Edit from the contextual menu.

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